Everyone loves a margarita, and just proving that it was in the top five most Googled cocktails in 2020, and in that vein, here are some recipes to try at home so you can join in the fun.

Cazcabel tequila honey pineapple margarita

Cazcabel Tequila Honey Pineapple Margarita

Cazcabel Honey Tequila has sweet and earthy tones; the honey used in this is made with Yucàtan honey sourced from the fields of Yucàtan in Mexico. It has a sweet hit if you need to take the edge off.

30ml Cazcabel Honey
20ml Cazcabel Blanco
25ml Lime juice
25ml Pineapple juice
5ml Agave syrup
Pineapple leaf
Fortnum & Mason orange peel

– Shake all the ingredients together with ice; for ease, the Graphite Boston Cocktail Set from VonShef is a great set.
– Strain into a rock glass with ice and garnish with a pineapple leaf and an orange peel twist.

Storywood Tequila Speyside 7 Tommy’s Margarita

Storywood Tequila Speyside 7 Tommy’s Margarita

Raised over 7 months in single malt Speyside Scotch whisky casks, this tequila dons taste caramel, oak, vanilla, and honey.

50ml Speyside 7 Reposado
25ml Lime juice
15ml Agave syrup

– Shake all ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker.
– Fine strain into a rocks glass over cubed ice.
– Garnish with a wedge of lime.

FLUÈRE Juan in a Million a zero-alcohol Margarita

FLUÈRE Juan in a Million a zero-alcohol Margarita

FLUÈRE Smoked Agave has smoke and honey on the nose with notes of pear, and with flavors of eucalyptus and mint, it has a freshness about it too.

Muddled quarter of a red chilli
15 ml Fresh lime juice
85 ml Fresh yellow bell pepper juice
25 ml Fluère Smoked Agave
15 ml Fluère Original
5 ml Agave Syrup
Pinch of Salt

– First cut the chilli into small parts and muddle in a cocktail shaker.
– Add all other ingredients and fill the shaker to the top with ice.
– Shake and fine strain in a rock glass with ice.
– Garnish with a fresh chilli pepper and a long slice of cucumber.