3 Simple Rules of Home Sophistication

At this time and age, to merely exist is a crime. Simply existing means that you just wallow in your misery as you let valuable opportunities to work for a more sophisticated and productive way of living pass you by.

To live with sophistication and class is a choice that we have to make every day. Now, a lot of people shy away from the word ‘sophisticated’ because they think that it’s synonymous with ‘luxury’ and ‘expensive.’ They could never be more wrong. Being sophisticated only means being refined and well-composed. If you really take a close look at it, it has very little to do with how much money you have in your pocket.

If you are now looking to add a little sophistication into your home, there are just three rules that you need to follow to achieve it. Read on to know what these very simple rules are.

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Keep it simple

Contrary to what many would like to say, being sophisticated actually means having the capacity to carry something so simple and limited with elegance and style. Your home doesn’t have to be embellished with expensive antiques and costly paintings just for it to have the finesse that you are looking for. All you have to do is just achieve coherence with whatever elements are in your space. Gone are the days when being upscale is measured by how many things you own. Now is the time when we look at how you make sense of the few things that you have. Keeping the composition of your home simple allows for a better marriage of function and style.

Keep it neat

Nothing is more beautiful than a home that’s sparkling clean. No matter how expensive and high-class your furniture and decorative items are, if they’re covered in dust they’re basically as good as trash. Always find the time clean your space. Now, being ‘clean’ does not only mean the removal of dirt, dust, and trash; it also involves the removal of clutter. As we all know, things that cause clutter are those that we do not use but are still occupying space in a room. They destroy the harmony that you are trying to build, and they make the space look far more complex than it really is.

Coordinate your colors

Colors breathe life into spaces, but they need to be properly coordinated so they don’t become eyesores that cause guests to look away. In connection with keeping things simple and achieving coherence, the colors that you choose should fit the theme that you have for your space. If you want a more contemporary look, then a splash of white and blacks are useful. If you want to achieve a more rustic feel, then some browns, light yellows, and white will be enough to deliver the look you’re going for.


Danor Aliz
Danor Aliz
Danor Aliz is a lifestyle journalist who enjoys writing about everything luxury. Her favorite subjects are luxury travel and everything that has to do with fashion. In her spare time, she loves to paint and also enjoys her time walking her dog Daisy.

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