Being a homeowner is a great feeling but also a responsibility. You have to take care of millions of things, some of which are not so important, while others can mean the difference between a comfortable life without any hassle and living under constant stress triggered by the need to deal with various problems. The roof of your house is exactly such a significant element of the whole plot; hence it’s in your best interest to make sure that it is in good condition and able to protect your home from rain, snow, sun, and all other whims of weather.

However, if you have missed this year’s inspection or the weather hasn’t been that favorable over recent months, chances are you are going to figure out the condition of your roof the hard way. To avoid serious problems that can cost you dearly, get familiar with four roofing issues that need your immediate attention. 

The Importance of Regular Roof Inspections

Even though it’s hard to find a homeowner who doesn’t realize the importance of regular roof inspections and maintenance, in reality, a big number of people call special service only when they notice water inside the house. It’s true that the roof is one of the most challenging places for a thorough examination, but the fact you can’t do it yourself doesn’t take away from the need to make sure this significant element of the building is in order. 

Generally, it is recommended to get your roof inspected twice a year, especially if you live in an area with clearly marked winter and summer, and hence, you have to carefully choose the time for eventual fixes. For instance, someone who needs a roof replacement or repair in Pittsburgh should ideally plan it for the fall or early spring due to cold and snowy winters. On the other hand, people from South Florida usually give preference to early winter when hurricane season is over, but the coldest days of the year are still to come.

worker fixing a leak in the roof

Issue #1: You’ve Spotted a Leak

Let’s start with the most common problem, which is also the easiest to detect – a leaky roof. Well, in some cases, places that leaks actually occur are not so obvious, but if you know where to look, you will discover them pretty quickly. Cracked or damaged shingles can’t fully serve their primary purpose of protecting your home from unwelcome water, and even the smallest leak can suddenly turn into a waterfall when boosted by heavy rain.

Leakage is a serious issue because if left unattended, it can bring a heck of a lot of trouble, from unpleasant musty smell triggered by thriving mold to damaged furniture and flooring. The bottom line is if you hear a dripping sound in your attic, can feel that moisture smell, or spot discoloration of a certain area of the ceiling, do not waste precious time, and seek professional help immediately. It’s one of the cases when things can’t be put off for later consideration – the time is money, and the longer you wait, the more you will pay for solving the problem.

Issue #2: Curling or Drooping Shingles

If a closer look at your roof reveals some curling shingles, it is another sign that you have to act immediately. Such shingles should be replaced; the sooner, the better. The same is true for dropping shingles that usually mean some serious underlying issues such as wrongly installed roof decking or lack of ventilation. 

Issue #3: Moss

Moss might look beautiful but believe us; you don’t want it on your roof. Look for the first signs of moss growth between shingles, and the moment you spot it, make sure to get rid of this green vegetation. In a wet climate, moss can grow at lightning speed, gladly soaking and carefully keeping all the available moisture and rainwater. Certain amounts of water, however, always find their way down to a wooden deck, damaging the structure and threatening the well-being of the ceiling and walls. 

Issue #4: Alligatoring

Owners of roofs made from asphalt-based materials are well aware of this issue, which got its name for a specific look of alligator skin. Temperature changes lead to the shrinking of the roof surface and, as a result, the appearance of cracks. If this issue is left without attention, the cracks get bigger and deeper, letting water inside.

Regular inspection and routine maintenance are crucial for keeping your roof in good condition and avoiding serious problems. However, if you notice one of the aforementioned issues, address them immediately before they grow into real trouble.