Golfers are very meticulous about the game. You will very rarely encounter a golfer who goes out on the course just for fun. Certainly, it is an enjoyable outing. But you also want to complete the course, or the hole you are facing, with as few shots as possible. That is the purpose of golf and what most players desire to accomplish. Consequently, golf can be incredibly infuriating. There are numerous heartbreaking moments. However, it can also be gratifying. Play a great shot and you will feel as if you have just won a major when you make par or better on the toughest hole.

Golf club technology is continuously improving. So much so that it is sometimes hard to stay current with the latest equipment. In this article, we will cover 5 awesome tools that can help you improve your game right now. Whether you are in the market to purchase your first set of clubs, or you have a regular date with your local club-fitter, everyone can benefit from the latest advancements in golf technology.


If you’re in the habit of playing a round of golf by yourself but don’t have a partner, or perhaps don’t trust the spotter’s eye, then a rangefinder is a nifty piece of equipment to have in your collection. Most golf rangefinders have split-image rangefinders. This means the distance to the ball can be measured, and divided into parts. Most also include laser distance measuring systems, helping you to make the club and shot selections with greater accuracy. They’re small in size, high-tech, and even in tournament play, they’re legal to use. This will help you judge and learn your distance on the golf course.

Swing Coach Club

Some people may see this gadget as being ridiculous, but the pro golfers with Golfer Geeks disagree. For them, it is one tool that can have a positive influence on their game. This swing coach club is especially geared toward newcomers. It is the perfect tool for helping someone get a feel for their drive, and to get everything in order, before they pick up and play with their actual driver. The focus is on developing the right swing, learning and practicing that smooth pickup, the appropriate acceleration, and the precise follow-through. The club’s impact might be a distraction initially. This device removes this distracting factor.

Hitting Net

The concept of a hitting net is very straightforward. Essentially, it is just a net. However, it can significantly improve your game. You can use it anywhere to practice your drives and long-range shots while smacking the ball into the net with no worries. Golf hitting nets are constructed from sturdy materials that absorb the force of your shots. They are screwed securely to the ground and are straightforward to assemble. This kind of net is available at different prices. The price can vary from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, however, they perform essentially the same job. The net will be a great addition to any garden.

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Pocket Bunker

Do not take this the wrong way. This is not something that you can fold up into your backpack or throw in your handbag, because it does not contain artificial sand or anything like that. This may result in a real mess. This tool is easier, cleaner, and much more convenient. It resembles a tee. However, the design of its legs and the depth of the ball in the hole enable it to simulate bunker play very well. It is likely that you will want to practice your bunker shots wherever you are. Just take out the legs of the bunker, practice hitting the ball at the perfect angle, and you will no longer be scared of bunkers.

3D Swing Analyzer

Here is another device that can help you improve your swing. You all know how important the swing is. Forget lasers and talking devices. A 3D swing analyzer is the type of device that you are looking for. This gadget has the potential to enable you to improve your swing. It provides detailed analysis and does not just give you comments or advice that is irrelevant. You can take a few swings and the analyzer will follow up with constructive feedback. It will provide you with tips and advice on how to improve your long game.

Finally, if you’re looking to improve your game, developing your shot-making skills will ensure you have more fun. Taking advantage of the tools we’ve listed here would be a great way to move forward. Of course, you need to practice and play golf more to get the most out of your investment.