No matter how big your house is, having extra space can always come in handy. Whether it is to store your belongings or create a home office, having a spare room available can easily declutter the rest of your house, making your interior look tidier, more organized, and spacious.

For example, house extensions are a very popular way of adding an extra room to the house. They can increase your living space and its practicality while enhancing its aesthetics and modernizing it at the same time. Even if you decide to sell your house at a later point, your house extension can add value to it and bring you back more than you invested.

Depending on the size, shape, and structure of your property, you have a wide range of house extension options to choose from. Here are five common ideas you should consider to instantly and flawlessly enhance your living space.

A Double-Story Extension

If you want to add a substantial amount of extra space, then you should consider going for a double-story extension. This refers to the addition of an extra floor to an existing single-story extension. It is the perfect solution if you need another upstairs bedroom or a playroom for your kids and uses the space downstairs for a larger kitchen or additional bathroom.

The double-story extension cost depends on many factors including the finish, size, and complexity of the extension and its location. Despite contrary beliefs, it is a cost-effective solution that would up the value of your house.  

A Rear Extension

Another house extension idea you should consider is a rear extension. This extension type creates more space at the back of the house and opens it up to the garden. Because of that, many homeowners choose this option to create an additional kitchen, dining room, living room, and even a bedroom.

If you choose this house extension idea, you should consider installing bi-fold doors. This will give you an amazing indoor-outdoor experience as it keeps you closer to nature while allowing your guests to move easily between your garden and the inside of your house.

An Above-Garage Room Extension

Extending over a garage is another home extension idea you should consider to add extra space to your house. It is a rather cost-effective option because you will be making the most of the space you already have and with that, reducing the square footage of adding new construction.

You can use the extra room to create an office, a bedroom, a playroom for your children, and even a home gym.

Before you begin with your construction, be sure to carefully plan and design the extension to ensure that it is completely safe and possible to incorporate a new structure within an existing one. 

A Conservatory or Sunroom

If you are looking for something more unique, then adding a conservatory to your house is an excellent idea. This type of extension is a bit different from the traditional home additions because it is made with glass walls and a roof which is available in endless styles and glazing options.

Most homeowners choose this idea to create open-plan kitchens or living room areas as they allow them to stay closer to nature and enjoy the outside in comfort any time of the year. You can also install heating and cooling systems to keep this part of the house warm or cool all year round.

A Garden Room

If the size or structure of your house doesn’t allow you to add a house extension, you also have the option of constructing a garden room. This is a stand-alone garden building that is completely detached from your home which still serves the same purpose as the traditional house extension solutions.

Because such construction is separated from your house, you can use the extra space to create a room where you can relax and keep away from any distractions in your home. Just add a comfy lounge chair and a coffee table and enjoy nature while reading a book.

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Final Thoughts

Creating extra space in your home can be a real struggle if you have a growing family or need more room for your belongings. The best solution for this is to consider a house extension which will undoubtedly enhance your living space and increase the practicality of your home. Depending on your preferences, you have plenty of options to choose from to incorporate that extra space you need for you and your family.

If you need help, refer back to our post and choose the house extension type you believe will best suit your needs.