5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A State Of The Art Lift Kit

Have you ever noticed that some off-road cars are so high that they might as well drive over other cars? Lift kits can help you give your car a whole new makeover that highlights its power and provides it with extra capabilities. The newly gained powers translate into more adventures on the road—just make sure not to let the power you feel while looking down on other vehicles in your height-adjusted car get to your head. Adjusting the height of off-road cars for the show isn’t the only use of lift kits; pickup trucks can also benefit from it to handle the extra weight placed on its rear. Those who are interested in outdoor adventures in their vehicles find that using a lift kit opens the door to more challenges while smoothing out the experience. Here are the five reasons why we believe installing a new lift kit is a great investment.

1. Saving Money

There are two common mistakes that most buyers make: going for the cheapest lift kit, or over-accessorizing and throwing a lot of money down the drain. Cost-efficiency in lift kits is very important, but skimming important details will cost you a lot in the long run. Most trucks and off-road vehicles have their custom-made lift kits, and while they may cost more than cheap run-of-the-mill ones, they’re designed to perfectly accommodate your vehicle’s specifications. The wrong type and installation of a lift kit can damage your car as it will be susceptible to issues with shock resistance and springs. Off-road equipment is often on the expensive spectrum; this is why it’s important to compromise by purchasing them bit by bit according to your needs, instead of paying a large sum from the get-go.

It’s ok to want your car to look powerful and great, but if that’s your only goal, you may be costing yourself some unnecessary expenses instead of efficient ones. The variety of available preferences and choices can be overwhelming and costly without enough experience. There are a good number of lift kits out there for popular cars, like the Ram 1500, but that doesn’t mean all of them are necessarily good. The process of looking for a reliable kit may first require some research and consultation. If you’re not interested in the off-road capabilities, but only in gaining a few inches of height for other purposes, make sure you’re getting the right lift kit along with the right accessories.

2. Ground Clearance

The most common reason people get a lift kit for their car is the advantages provided by higher ground clearance. This makes it possible to tackle many obstacles and terrains that otherwise would damage the undercarriage and the hull of the car during high-slope ascents or descents. This isn’t only beneficial to off-road vehicles going through the deserts and rough terrain, but also to normal cars in cities that do not have the best roads or asphalt. Combining the element of extra ground clearance with shock absorption allows the vehicle to be more durable and reliable. You wouldn’t believe the damage a pothole or an unbalanced terrain could do for a car or a truck.

3. Bigger Tires

While lift kits usually allow you to raise your car a few inches, some can even raise it to 10 extra inches. This extended height gives you room to use bigger and stronger tires. Most off-road tires are big because they have to handle tough and uneven terrains all the time, so they need the extra traction and superior performance supplied by the heavier tires. From muddy roads to rocky deserts, only a lifted car with big tires can take on such a challenge. Lift kits aren’t exactly a permanent modification; a spare set of street tires can be used on normal roads instead of off-road tires, as smaller ones are less grippy and more convenient on even roads. Bigger tires are known for providing strength and power, so you won’t usually need them on conventional asphalt.

4. Improve Trucks’ Towing Ability

Trucks that handle towing of camping or hauling trailers require a lot of power to be able to amass the necessary strength. The extra height provided by lift kits helps improve a truck’s towing ability due to the extra safety, clearance, suspension and weight distribution. Trucks that travel long distances or move heavy cargo should always be as safe as possible. The provided clearance and height allows the driver to foresee most obstacles on the road, not to mention a good view of any potential problem with the towed vehicle. For practicality purposes, a lot of truckers choose to opt for a suspension lift instead of a body lift, as it allows the vehicle to withstand more punishment and motion. Since the timing of noticing obstacles or problems on the road is very important, reacting a few seconds in advance can save lives.

Lift Kit

5. Big Impression

Among the crowds of off-road drivers, a big, neat, state-of-the-art lift will make you stand out as the coolest guy in the room. Depending on the region and its terrain, you can find different clubs and groups for people with modified trucks and 4WDs. Simply being stuck in traffic will become a fun experience as you look down at all the little cars around you. Taking shortcuts through uneven terrain is going to be a breeze. Whether you’re trying to get over a huge obstacle in the road or drive towards the sunset through the Sahara Desert in Morocco, you can be sure that you’ll look and feel cool doing it.

Getting your vehicle lifted is quite tempting, but it should be done with care. Consider the lift kit an investment inconvenience. You’re paying money to ease your mind and help make your experience less stressful. Almost all of those who are enthusiastic about off-road adventures and heavy-trucking have lifted their vehicles at some point. Make sure to obtain the best-suited lift kits for the type of your car and the goal you have in mind, not to mention that this applies to almost every accessory you buy.

Danor Aliz
Danor Aliz
Danor Aliz is a lifestyle journalist who enjoys writing about everything luxury. Her favorite subjects are luxury travel and everything that has to do with fashion. In her spare time, she loves to paint and also enjoys her time walking her dog Daisy.

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