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5 Things You Can Do Fast and Watch an Episode of Bluey with your Kids

We love our kids more than life itself, but, right now, coming in a close second for our love for our children is our deep-seated desire to get just a minute to ourselves. With kids now spending all their time at home we do get more family time to spend with them which, is a total bonus considering how precious time can be with your kids when they’re young, they’re changing so quickly and, as they change, you miss all the little people that they were before.

That being said, as grateful as we are for the added time we get to spend with our little ones, we’d also love one minute to take a breather, get some actual work done, and finally tick one thing of that ever-growing to-do list.

So once you’re done teaching your second-grade son about three-dimensional shapes, or you’re finished wresting through times-tables and the finer points Alice and Wonderland for your daughter’s book report or you’re bouncing a ball in your kitchen because of the quasi-sadistic requirement of at-home PE lessons, take a minute for yourself and get underway with some life-admin.

So here are five things you can get started on in the time it takes your kids to watch a single episode of Bluey. (Unless, that is, you want to watch Bluey yourself? It is by far the most tolerable kids show on the market!)

Check to see if any of these credit cards are good to keep

Check your credit card is right for you.

You have probably had your credit card for a long while, it sits in your wallet, and you use it without even thinking about it. But do you know why you’ve got your specific credit card? Maybe it was recommended to you by your bank, or it was the credit card that your mum, neighbor, whoever had, and they seemed happy with it, so you thought: ‘why not?’. But chances are, your credit card might not be right for you! What sort of card is best suited to your needs? A low-rate card, a balance transfer card, a card that offers low annual fees, or one that offers rewards or frequent flyer points? To answer this question, you’re going to need to do a bit of research. Luckily, you can read more about different types of credit cards here.

Cooking family friendly recipes

Check out some family-friendly recipes.

Trying to get your kids to eat healthily can be a major uphill battle. So use this time to look up the recipes for some healthy foods that taste delicious, and your kids will love it because you can’t have fish fingers and butter pasta every night. Check out these fun and healthy family recipes by Jamie Oliver that are easy to make, packed with healthy ingredients, and set to become staples. The website also has a heap of recipes that older school-aged kids can make themselves. Challenging your kids to make dinner one night is a great way to give them responsibility and teach them a new skill!

Colorful casual clothes, stationery and toys in a box to donate

Sort Through Your Kids’ Clothes and Toys

Do you spend most of your time tripping over your kids’ toys, folding their 17 Frozen themed t-shirts? Get rid of some. Kids grow quickly, so there’s a pretty good chance that half of the clothes in their closet don’t fit them anymore.  Go through their old clothes, keep your sentimental favorites, and get the rest ready to be donated. The same goes for the toys but, you’ll likely have more of a fight on your hands there. Have your kids go through their toys and choose 10, 15, 20 toys that they don’t play with anymore. Tell them that the toys will go to other kids who will be so excited to get to play with them. If that doesn’t work, go for good old fashioned bribery and tell your kids that if they choose a certain number of old toys to give away, you will buy them one new toy that they’ve had their eye on—looking for a place to donate these unneeded clothes, toys, and baby products? Head here or here to learn more about Australian charities looking for donations of kids and baby products.

Woman using laptop paying bills online and managing home budget

Pay Some Bills

The last thing you need right now is your power going out because, in all the hustle and bustle of everyday life with young children, you forgot to pay a bill. So take 15 minutes out to pay a couple of pressing bills that may have been piling up or, if you’ve got the time, you might be able to take things a step further and organize automatic direct debits or BPAY for bills that are the same amount every month. Then, you can take that item off your to-do list altogether!

Woman relaxing holding a coffee mug sitting on a sofa in the living room in a house interior

Take Some Time For Yourself

The best parent is a well-rested parent. Take some time out to make yourself a proper cup of coffee, to have a nice long shower, maybe even grab a little nap. Taking some “me-time” to recharge will do wonders for your patience, your state of mind, and your stress levels. So next time one of your kids chucks a tantrum or asks you ‘but why?’ for the 17th time in a row, your response can be cool, calm and collected rather than frazzled. And hey, if Bluey just happens to auto-play for 4 or 5 episodes and you get a full hour to yourself – there would be no harm in that!

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5 Things You Can Do Fast and Watch an Episode of Bluey with your Kids