5 Top Favorite High Tech Gadgets of all time

When we think of new innovative technology, we think of useful and out of this world gadgets available out there for the consumer. Here are 5 top favorite gadgets of all time!

Ehang Passenger Drone GadgetEhang Passenger Drone

The Ehang Passenger Drone concept is to create an all-electric helicopter that navigates itself to a destination with being the passenger.

Vertu Aster Leaf

Vertu Aster Leaf

The Vertu Aster Leaf was created from unique handcrafted leather by Carolina Sohl. The stunning Raspberry leaf embossed leather is complemented by gorgeous engraved leaf designs on the titanium pillow, side and backplate; also the Grade 5 Titanium metalwork is brushed and polished to perfection. Asking price? $9,500.00

Utopia by Tournaire Headphone gadget

Utopia by Tournaire Headphone

The Utopia by Tournaire Headphone is one of the most prestigious and most expensive headphones set in the world with gold 750 thousand and 6 karats diamonds. Utopia by Tournaire will be limited to exclusive and numerated pieces.

Link AKC GPS-enabled dog collar and smartphone app

Link AKC

Link AKC is dedicated to enhancing the bond between dogs and owners. The cutting-edge technology in the Link AKC GPS-enabled dog collar and smartphone app combines state-of-the-art smart home, wearable, and mobile technology and was recognized by CES as a 2017 “Best of Innovation” winner. The team behind the Link AKC smart collar is made up of passionate dog lovers, tech experts, and designers who have combined the best of design and technology to elevate dog wearables to a lifestyle product category. By tapping into the American Kennel Club’s 132 years of devotion to our best friends, Link AKC is able to help owners better understand their dogs.

Stile Italiano Moto Guzzi CR950

Stile Italiano Moto Guzzi CR950

The Stile Italiano Moto Guzzi CR950 is retro road race built by Stile Italiano. The specification list includes a twin spark 950cc motor with 40mm Dellorto’s and custom-built Vierex exhaust, Fox air rear shocks, and a 30mm Fontana magnesium front brake drum. The clock is a unique V7 sport and the bike is fitted with an original 1970’s fairing and one-off custom seat all finished in a flawless “glass black and gold effect” paintwork scheme. Photo by Max Trono.

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