8 of the Best World Destinations for Upscale Glamping

Going glamping — a mashup of glamour and camping — gives you the best of both worlds. You get to explore nature’s bounty while staying in accommodations far more luxurious than a tent.

If you’re a discerning traveler, you want more than your average yurt. You want the amenities of an exclusive hotel, only in the wilderness. The eight destinations below will have you living in the lap of luxury while you gaze up at an unbelievable canopy of stars.

Under Canvas luxury glamping

1. Under Canvas, Multiple Western Locations

Would you like to tour many of the West’s most beautiful national parks while still enjoying the good life? Look no further than Under Canvas, which has locations in six places near monuments like the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park.

Yurts feature a king-sized bedroom and optional private bathroom — but why wouldn’t you spring for that amenity? You’ll never get cold, even on chilly desert nights, because each accommodation comes with a woodstove. You’ll enjoy daily housekeeping, so there’s no need to make the bed yourself.

Under Canvas takes environmental sustainability seriously, much to the delight of the eco-friendly set. As such, its locations are Wi-Fi-free to help you connect with nature. Your colleagues can wait.

Terramor Outdoor Resort Bar Harbor Maine luxury glamping

2. Terramor Outdoor Resort, Bar Harbor, Maine

If you want to beat the heat this summer, head north to Bar Harbor, Maine. You’ll find it plenty cool under the canopy of trees, even in August. Your tent sits high atop a wooden platform, keeping you protected from creepy woodland crawlies during the night. Many models sleep two, although others accommodate up to five if you plan to bring the family.

You won’t have to resign yourself to hot dogs over the fire. The property lodge features seasonally inspired and locally cultivated menus that include vegetarian and gluten-free options. You can also enjoy a brewski or glass of wine at the bar, or pick up a picnic lunch to take with you on your adventures.

You’ll have Acadia National Park as your playground. Are you planning on getting hitched? The Terramor Outdoor Resort will help you exchange vows in style.

Camping Cave Sedona Arizona luxury glamping

3. Camping Cave, Sedona, Arizona

If you want to visit one of the most spiritual destinations in the U.S., head to the tiny town of Sedona, Arizona. The entire city lies nestled in national forest land, and you’ll find multiple red rock vortexes where you can hike and soak in the vibes or even practice a little yoga.

Why not skip the resorts and stay the way our primitive ancestors did — only elevated? You can book a room at the Campground Cave for unique lodging you can’t beat. While you’re there, you can book a yoga or meditation retreat if you don’t feel like getting your positive vibes on solo.

Zion on the Green Utah luxury glamping

4. Zion on the Green, Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in the West. You’ll enjoy a mini-ranch-style stay at a resort that features ponds, ducks, sheep, and horses. Luxury tents come complete with pool and hot tub access for unwinding after a day on the dusty trail. They all feature air conditioning, which substantially increases your comfort — the desert sun gets mighty hot in the middle of the day.

Mayan Sky Glamping Lodge, Campeche, Mexico

5. Mayan Sky Glamping Lodge, Campeche, Mexico

Maybe you don’t want to see the pyramids along the Nile this year due to concerns over potential travel restrictions. You can still get your share of ancient history right here in the New World. The Mayan Sky Glamping lodge in Mexico is located near the Mayan ruins.

After climbing up the stairs to the top, your leg muscles need a little TLC. You can book a massage at the on-site spa. There’s also a restaurant for your dining pleasure.

Rockwater Secret Cove Resort, British Columbia, Canada luxury glamping

6. Rockwater Secret Cove Resort, British Columbia, Canada

If you plan on adventuring this summer, heading north can help you beat the heat. The Rockwater Secret Cove Resort lies nestled in the wooded Pacific Northwest north of the border. It offers numerous packages for genuine luxury indulgences, including treating your bridesmaids to a girls’ vacation or booking your honeymoon. You can enjoy massage and facials at the spa and participate in yoga classes.

Origina New Mexico luxury glamping

7. Origin New Mexico

New Mexico is renowned for its artist communities and unique scenery. You can stay at sacred initiatory grounds in the northern part of the state. The absence of light pollution creates a star show like no other when the sunsets. While this destination is a bit more rugged than some others on the list, you’ll still enjoy raised tents, shower and toilet facilities, and a catered lunch and dinner.

Akumal Natural luxury Glamping Mexico
courtesy of Akumal

8. Akumal Natural Glamping, Mexico

Mexico offers a drivable excursion for those who crave passport stamps but don’t relish boarding a plane. This resort features 20 eco-friendly tents in the middle of the jungle. Swim in a natural cenote, or swimming hole, that’s far more breathtaking than any hotel pool. Enjoy yoga and an on-site restaurant.

Rough It the Glamorous Way at These 8 Exclusive Destinations

You don’t have to get down and dirty to enjoy the magic of nature’s beauty. Book a stay at one of these eight exclusive glamping destinations and seize the best of both worlds.

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