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Aftermarket Mufflers: What You Need to Know

Mufflers don’t just muffle noise on your motorcycle. The muffler can help your engine perform better and keeps the combustion gasses away from your boots or passenger. If you’re looking for aftermarket motorcycle parts to help you go faster and run better, updating the exhaust system on your bike can help your engine work more effectively and quieter.

Why Update the Muffler?

The manufacturer installed an exhaust system and muffler on your bike, so why would you want to replace it? Motorcycle OEM parts are designed to meet the manufacturer’s budget, emissions restrictions from the most strict areas of the country and a general customer base, not give you performance and style. Updating the exhaust system with aftermarket parts can reduce the overall weight and increase the speed of your bike.

Riders can replace the mufflers only, retaining the factory headpipes, which can save money and time. The full exhaust system itself can be replaced. You’ll get a better performance boost with a full system replacement, but a muffler only replacement won’t cost as much, nor be as complicated to install. OEM ATV parts can also boost performance and look.

Know Before You Order

Make sure to get the right muffler for the year, make and model of your bike. You may also need to order fresh gaskets, oxygen sensors and other parts that make up your exhaust system. Some bikes may require modifications to add certain exhaust parts. Keep in mind that exhaust systems are often aftermarket modifications. You might want to check with your mechanic before installation because once these parts have been installed (or attempted to be installed), they cannot be returned.

Shop Today for Great Parts

Before you buy any new exhaust parts for your motorcycle, check your local laws to make sure that you stay legal. There may be restrictions due to emissions. Get the parts that customize your ride today.

Danor Aliz
Danor Aliz
Danor Aliz is a lifestyle journalist who enjoys writing about everything luxury. Her favorite subjects are luxury travel and everything that has to do with fashion. In her spare time, she loves to paint and also enjoys her time walking her dog Daisy.

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