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Airbus ACH helicopters: Soaring through skies in luxury

The Airbus ACH160 is a luxurious version of the H160 helicopter and is aimed at the world’s high-rollers with special attention to detail lavished at it for private use. Thus it can seat up to 8-10 passengers in the utmost style and comfort while it has a fly time, which is above 4 hours. This luxury helicopter also has speed in its arsenal with 155 knots cruising speed. However, there is another special edition called the “ACH130 Aston Martin Edition,” which features a special design made by Aston Martin on the exterior plus also the interior. This helicopter is less about the utilitarian applications as much as it is about soaring through the skies in luxury. The ACH130 AM, for instance, has handcrafted leather and a suede-lined interior with many colors and trim choices.

Gio Copello Airbus ACH helicopter

Not just that, as the Exclusive version, along with the ACH160 in itself, can be optioned with multiple seating styles, including bench seat or individual seating. The design of this luxury helicopter has been done by Pagasus Design, and the emphasis has been on luxury but also an airy feeling cabin with large windows. There are wood trim and bespoke interior fittings that can be draped with many customization options for the owner. The hand-made carpets and the wood veneers lift the ambiance while leather is everywhere, yet the interior has restrained minimalism to which we warm to.

 Airbus ACH helicopter

The interior also has high levels of sound insulation, and the windows are said to be reducing engine noise plus enhancing the view, no doubt. The last bit is very important for owners to conduct business meetings or relax on the go. Plus, Airbus has played close attention to ergonomics and storage spaces, too, with wide hinged doors and electrical footsteps. The luggage space is also cavernous and has up-to 95 cubic feet of room, bigger than some jets. The Safran engines that power this helicopter are light and use less fuel, and a better range for fast cruising. By that, we mean the range being around the 852km mark, plus this engine is more refined and has less noise. It also sports the latest Helionix flight deck, which gives you total flight control.

 Airbus ACH helicopter

The ACH range in total comprises of the ACH125, ACH130, ACH135 plus the 160 and 175 shown here. Airbus currently controls more than 50 percent of this market, and the constant stream of orders confirms the popularity of its ACH range. No wonder that some of the ACH luxury helicopters are used on superyachts and for transporting their owners! Along with that, the company now offers a concierge service in nearly all of the regions it is sold in. This luxury brand of helicopters within the Airbus family competes with other brands such as Bell and Sikorsky but, as said earlier, retains a chunk of the market share- thus, the launch of a separate brand to cater to luxury helicopters has indeed paid off.

 Airbus ACH helicopter

The helicopter is increasingly preferred for its versatile nature and sheer use-ability. Its ability to land and take off in a reduced space is a huge plus point, saving time. With the advancement in technology and increasing luxury, luxury helicopters had come a long way from the time when they were basic transportation. With these new luxury options, they are currently a popular choice for the elite, thanks for the aforementioned reasons.

Somnath Chatterjee
Somnath Chatterjee
For me, the biggest luxury is the freedom to go anywhere at any-time and that is something which the humble automobile gives us. Been in love with cars for as long as I can remember and have been writing about them for nearly a decade now. Specialize in reporting about luxury and performance automobiles while having driven everything from a Ferrari to a Beetle!

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