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All Aboard The Fluid M/Y Grace

Welcoming passengers on board the newly renovated historic yacht, The M/Y Grace returns to the water with luxurious and environmentally friendly upgrades.

Renowned for offering one-of-a-kind travel experiences around the remote archipelago of the Galapagos Island, Quasar ExpeditionsThe M/Y Grace is back in the water.

Quasar Expedition's The M/Y Grace

Formerly Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco’s royal honeymoon yacht, The M/Y Grace has been completely redesigned from bow to stern, making the sail around the Galapagos more agile and luxurious. With new interior designs by renowned Chilean designer Enrique Concha & Co, the Grace features renovated staterooms, an upgraded bar, a new coffee lounge, a newly equipped kitchen, thoughtfully prepared cuisine experiences, and revamped social areas to maximize space.

Quasar Expedition's The M/Y Grace

The yacht offers some of the most spacious indoor and outdoor areas of all ships that sail the islands, and the recent renovation gives travelers 360-degree views on their departure, allowing them to fully connect with their beautiful surroundings.

Quasar Expedition's The M/Y Grace

In addition to the stunning new interiors, the Grace’s upgraded engines, generators and propellors allow guests to sail the islands faster, in more comfort and with less fuel consumption while traveling at 15 knots. By minimizing travel time, the yacht’s new agility maximizes time spent having once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounters on the secluded islands.

Quasar Expedition's The M/Y Grace

With a maximum capacity of 16 passengers, the Grace gives guests the exclusive access to the Galapagos that Quasar Expeditions is known for, and passengers can choose between two different 8-day itineraries and one 15-day itinerary, all inspired by Charles Darwin’s discoveries.

For more information, visit www.quasarex.com

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