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Alternative Travel: Why Jet Travel is Becoming More Popular

The opportunity to travel by private jet is being opened up for everybody. Of course, it used to be that the experience was a VIP affair, kept for those with the biggest bank accounts and most luxurious lifestyles. However, this is no longer the case, as regular holiday goers are increasingly taking to the skies in style.

Nevertheless, this does pose a few questions. How can they afford it? What’s it like? What is the main drive that causes this alternate mode of airfare? These are big questions that are easily answered. Consequently, here is the low down on why jet travel is becoming more popular than ever before.

More Accessible  |  The availability of a service is the frontline factor for any service or transaction. If the buyer isn’t convinced they’ll get their money’s worth, or that the service is out of their price range, then they’ll be unwilling to participate. Additionally, they might just feel like it’s for a ‘better class’ of people through marketing strategies and stereotypes.

However, the airfare for the private jet has become much more affordable, appealing to all by comfortably sitting within many people’s holiday budgets. Prices are dipping down thanks to empty legs flight schemes, and frankly, the service is becoming much more readily accessible for everyone, ensuring customers can use a private jet should they want to. Once the walls around pay and stereotypes come down, then private jets are really open to all.

Slick Style  |  Now that the main hurdles of rates and stigmas are out-of-the-way, anything is possible. In an investment such as this, travelers want an iconic experience, something they’ll look back on years later with a proud smile and irremovable memories. Yes, the private jet is becoming more popular for the most classic of reasons; traveling in style.

Whether it’s comfier seats or on-demand service, people remember how they are treated and cared for during their travels. It’s what is most appreciated, keeps customers coming back for more and guarantees that they’ll recommend the service onto others. In the end, word of mouth about what’s on offer is naturally behind the service becoming more popular, and there’s much to brag about when experiencing a life of luxury.

More Privacy  |  Whether it’s the gossipy couple sitting nearby, the tapping of iPads or screaming kids, the sheer amount of irritating volume can be enough to sour any trip. What’s more, it’s repetitive and relentless until journey’s end. In the end, there’s really nothing to be done but to grin and bear it until the wheels screech across the runway. Or is there?

Private jets are just that; private. They afford more leisure time to be left alone, near silence at all times, and dividers so that a passenger can read a favorite book without anything catching the eye. Most people just want to get from point A to B in a bit of peace, using their travel as a brief period of downtime in a chaotic lifestyle. Consequently, the peaceful sanctuary the private jet offers cannot be understated.

Jarone Ashkenazi
Jarone Ashkenazi
Following being published on Fast Company as well as Wired Innovations Insights, Jarone expanded his writing portfolio to cover luxury travel, goods, unique experiences along with restaurants and lifestyle articles for numerous websites. From luxury hotels, all-inclusive resorts and VIP experiences, Jarone has written about exclusive properties only offered to the discerning traveler and consumer. Jarone is a native to Los Angeles and spends his free time traveling, playing sports and is always up for an adventure.

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