Aman Fragrances, Scent your private places with unforgettable places.

Let an atomizer take you abroad rather than a plane. If you can’t get to Thailand or the  Ubid Hills of Bali, then let the Aman Resorts International luxury hotel group spritz them to you.

You can now invite the Aman family into your bathroom and bedroom. And wear a bit of  New York behind your ear or a little ancient Moroccan medina around the throat.

Aman Fragrance Chairman and CEO, Vladislav Doronin
Aman Fragrance Chairman and CEO, Vladislav Doronin. All photos courtesy of Aman

As well as grounding candles and amethyst body and shower oils, rain face mists and other skincare serums, Aman has launched its “Echoes of Aman” fine fragrances inspired by the locations of Aman’s award-winning “iconic sanctuaries.”

To evoke the healing calm of their famous five-star hotels, you can choose from a range of five gender-neutral Eau du perfumes created by Grasse perfumier Jacques Chabert. All are free of phthalates, artificial colorants, parabens, and formaldehyde and involved no animal testing used during development. Each £220 fragrance visually reflects its associated Aman destination through the use of color.

Ultimate Bath Aman Fragrance
Ultimate Bath Aman Fragrance

Ultimate Bath Aman FragranceThe elemi and bergamot “Ayom” (derived from the Javanese word for shelter, ‘ngayomi’) evokes memories of warmth and intimacy in far-off places. It is inspired by the Amanjiwo in Indonesia, “Umbr” by Aman’s sixteenth-century Venetian palazzo, “Zuac” by the Amanjena in the Red City of Marrakesh, “Vayu”  by Thailand’s Amanpuri, and “Alta,” with hints of the company’s soon-to-open hotel in New York.

Aman Fragrances

They come in bottles designed by Kengo Kuma made from glass, ABS, PETG, and HPP plastics, all recyclable. The lids are Zamac weighted metal alloy. The boxes are hand-finished in Japan using fast-growing Paulownia wood, and each fragrance has its own uniquely patterned laser-cut lid. The outer packaging takes inspiration from the traditional design principles of Japanese wrapping and uses Takeo paper.

Aman Fragrance

Anan was founded in 1988 and now has over thirty properties worldwide.  Chairman and CEO Vladislav Doronin hopes the new fine fragrance range will “evoke contented memories of times well spent” and transport you back to favorite places, visiting the past while looking forward to the future. They are very Moorish. As well as Big Apple-ish.

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Aman Fragrances, Scent your private places with unforgettable places.