We’ve all heard that color can affect us in different ways and different colors can elicit different moods. But, what if we look further into the effects of color and how it can change our energy, and help us feel a new sense of wellness? Chromotherapy is based on the idea that colors release vibrational energies or frequencies on the human body and applying different lights to specific parts of the body can correct energy imbalances. It is believed that certain conditions like depression, anxiety, stress, cramps, migraines, high-blood pressure and more can be improved using chromotherapy.

Ametis - Photo 4

The Ametis Shower System from GRAFF, a premier manufacturer of high-end kitchen and bath fixtures, integrates a chromotherapy system using a 6-color LED lighting system that effortlessly switches between the full-spectrum of colors you need to create a total energy balance and complete sense of wellness. Users can choose their mood or “chroma.” The color green reduces stress and anxiety, yellow may strengthen nerves and improve intellect, blue could help relieve inflammations, fever and headaches, and red brings warmth and motivation to potentially energize the senses.

Made with brass and stainless steel, Ametis is available in chrome, architectural black and architectural white finishes, offering designers a variety of choices for the bath space. The highly resistant coating of the finishes defines the shapes and curves of Ametis.

Ametis - Photo 2

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