Those long nights and balmy days don’t seem to linger long enough. Before you know it Autumn creeps in, taking with it the style and comfort that comes with those warmer months. Capitalise on the fabulous weather and incorporate some of these tips and tricks to make the most of Spring and Summer every year.

Warm weather entertaining

Any city will come to life in the warmer weather, and the social calendar heats up as soon as the temperature rises. If you are planning on doing some warm weather entertaining, outdoor settings are always a favourite as they allow you to take advantage of longer light and airy destinations.

The trouble with outdoor venues in Summer is that they either have no sun protection, or you’re offered a venue that is far too cramped and unimaginative. This just won’t do. Marquee hire in Melbourne is the ultimate solution that will offer you an outdoor setting, without the harsh beating sun or an unpredictable sun shower. Marquees are the symbol of Summer, so you will have to get in quick to secure one for your next event as many party goers will have the same idea.

Warm weather styling

Warm styling can be a lot of fun, and there are so many concepts you can squeeze into the Spring and Summer seasons. If you’re not sure where to start or whether you should change your entire home aesthetic, start small with one theme to keep you on track. That classic Hamptons style is a familiar sight in Summer, and it can be integrated with relative ease.

Incorporate white and blues, using bold stripes where possible. Secondary colours in bright tones are also welcome, and can punctuate the feeling of any room. You can weave these colours into your decor through throws, cushions, cloth, and rugs. That way they are easy to lay out, and easier to retract when winter comes.

Warm weather gardening

Summer doesn’t need to signal the death of your plants. You can break the cycle, and give your green friends longevity with a seasonal strategy. By conducting the right research and planning, the warmer weather can actually have your garden thriving in Summer.

Whether you are planting in the cold or hot months, make sure the species are right for your geographic location. What grows in abundance in Queensland will not necessarily survive in Victoria, and vice versa. Understand the optimal conditions of your plants before you plant them.

Warm weather cooking

Hot days call for a cuisine of its own making. If you are entertaining or simply cooking for the family, you will probably want to avoid roasts and other hot and hearty dishes. Embrace the cooler dishes in Summer and explore seafood spreads and fresh, seasonal salads. If you are looking for a collection of drinks to enjoy in the warmer months try Pimms, Aperol, and Rosé. Now there’s nothing to say you can’t just throw up your hands and cook and drink whatever you like, but why not lean into the cool delights on offer?

Warm weather dressing

The winter months have us wearing darker clothes and rich textures. It’s as if there is a subconscious shift that causes us to flock to certain colours we feel best represent us and our feeling towards the seasons. During the warmer months, keep it light by wearing cotton and whites. These breathable colours and fibres will have you feeling comfortable all day and night, and won’t betray you with overheating and stickiness.

The heat has a way of relaxing the masses and promoting great times and refined style. These months roll around every year, so make sure you are prepared to make the most of it and capitalise on those days and nights.