Arkansas Land Values, Having A Home In Little Rock 


Notably, if the land you want to buy is located near the hills, it is good to think through whether it is easy to move. Something to note is that the slab of the foundation may crack when the land is unstable. Also, you should try to see if the parcel lies within the pathway of a potential landslide. Even if you construct your house near a flood, it is advisable that you acquire flood insurance before you can begin building your home. Additionally, ensure to ask the neighbor’s around if the land was once swampy to know about the condition of the foundation.  


It’s crucial that you obtain an easement that is the right given to another person to trespass upon land owned by another person. Also, ensure that its recorded in case access to your property is provided by driving across an adjoining parcel. In some areas, some of the landlocked homes have to pay some fee for an easement to cross the property of another person to get to their home. Also, find out if the boundaries are marked to avoid future conflicts. Ensure that the seller has a title that also discloses easements and the restrictive conditions in the area. This is a good thing to do if you are looking for residential lots for sale in Little Rock AR. It is good to find out about the group responsible for maintaining the roads and what might be your share cost for the upkeep.  

Smells and Sounds  

It’s good to consider the environment around the land you want to buy. You may realize that you may be committing yourself to an area full of exhaust fumes from city buses or odors from farms, i.e., pig, donkeys, geese farms. Hence if you are looking for a peaceful environment free from noise and sound pollution, it’s good that you look at the neighborhood way of life of people before purchasing. Also in the area, they may be the presence of an industry that may be suitable in a far distance, but still their activities produce noise or pollute water, air or soil around your neighborhood. You should try and avoid any place that destructs your peace of mind.  

Natural Hazards  

It is advisable to obtain a natural hazard disclosure and look for any soil problems. The aim will be to identify if the land you are about to buy is a protected habitat which may make it difficult for you to build. Also, it is good to know if the soil is contaminated due to previous use. For instance, the site of a former gas station is likely to be infected making it challenging to build a residential home at the same place. Also, you should inquire if the area is a known fire hazard and the management of the fire department to know if you are future home will be a secure area.  

Potential Problems  

Lack of Familiarizing yourself with the Area  

Foremost it might be good for you to rent a home before buying land and start the construction process especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. Through renting you will know the community and learn different stories that you would not be aware of if you just came and bought the land. Something to note, not all neighbors might be happy that you are buying land behind their homes. You might end finding resistance from the locals that also involves the county authorities. Moreover, as a tenant, it will be easy for you to a time when the real estate market offers are negotiable. Since when the demand for the land is low, and the supply is high, then the property will be marketable and all this you will identify when you leave near. Hence once you rent as soon as the property is available, you will be aware.  

Presence of any other Structure  

The land you may want to purchase may have another structure that you might be required to get rid of it. Hence you should proceed carefully to ensure that the process is a success. You might begin by looking for a demolition contractor if the structure is big. However, this is only advisable if you like the land as you will be an inquiring extra expenditure. It’s advisable to purchase property that is bear, i.e. with no building or structure. Another reason you may want a bear land is since the demolition process may require local permits. Mostly you will be required to ensure that the utilizes available are turned off before the demolition. However, if you still want to buy the land make sure that you agree with the seller on lowering the prices due to the extra cost especially if the security is of no interest to you.  

Raising Funds  

It might be difficult to acquire the whole amount at once to purchase the land. Hence you can consider other sources of cash. Often, acquiring a loan might be difficult, however, if you do not get a loan there a few lenders who specialize in lending money for purchasing land. However, do not expect to receive more than 50% of the purchase price. Just look for such a lender and strike a deal. Mostly if your land has access to utility and near a roadway, it will be easier for you to acquire a lender. Something to note is that the construction land and land buying fee are entirely different and hence be keen when making the request. But if you have cash, you can pay after you ensure that all the documents and necessities are correct and to your specifications then you can purchase.  


Mostly buying the land may feel unfamiliar and may require you to get out of your comfort zone. However, conducting research and not giving up is crucial if you are to find a home. We have made your search to be more comfortable, ensure to observe the stated guidelines, and you spend less time and acquire a piece of land to build your dream home. Also, it is advisable to have an architect to help you with the construction of your home.  

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Arkansas Land Values, Having A Home In Little Rock