Arva at the Aman Venice Embraces Italy’s Rich Culinary History

Italians are deeply proud of their relationship with cuisine and in Italy good food is fundamental. It differs from region to region, but one commonality that is evident from coast to coast of this boot-shaped country is that the preparation of food is just as important as its consumption.

The Aman Venice pays homage to this rich culinary tradition with Arva, a dining concept brought to life by Executive Chef, Dario Ossola with signature dishes by Creative Consultant Davide Oldani. Meaning “cultivated land” in Latin, Arva’s vision is to remain consistent with this custom while creating bold, heart-warming dishes that are meant to be shared with friends and family. The unique dining experience is based upon inventive Italian cooking techniques and utilizing simple, locally-sourced ingredients. Both Chefs partner with local farmers, fishermen, market traders and niche suppliers to source the freshest Adriatic fish, single-source olive oils from Tuscany and Liguria, artisanal pasta, and daily produce from the Rialto market. The result is a considerable selection of pasta, risottos, prime meats and seafood, as well as a homage to Venice’s Cicchetti heritage, the Italian response to Spain’s tapas.

Mezzi Paccheri Mazzancolle Uvetta Enaneto
Mezzi Paccheri Mazzancolle Uvetta Enaneto

The intimate restaurant located adjacent to the hotel’s magnificent ballroom features an ever-evolving menu with dishes such as chestnut tagliatelle, hand-made pasta with Chanterelle mushrooms and castelmagno cheese, a red prawn Crudo with wild fennel and citronette, and Triglia di scoglio, local red mullet with roasted cauliflower and caper leaves.
In addition to Executive Chef, Dario Ossola, and Creative Consultant Davide Oldani, The Arva menu has been enhanced by consultant Chef Norbert Niederkolfer, who has earned his own restaurant in South Tyrol three Michelin stars. Known for his philosophy of making the best of what local ingredients are readily available, Chef Niederkolfer provides a series of unique private culinary experiences at Aman Venice throughout the year.

Aman Venice Dining Room
Not only do the bold flavors offered at Arva play an important role in taking patrons on a meaningful journey of Italy’s rich history but so does its location, and Arva could not have been located in a more perfect spot. Situated on the Grand Canal, the Aman Venice’s home is one of the city’s most significant buildings. Completed in 1570, the 16th-century Palazzo Papadopoli is filled with museum-quality treasures including frescos by 18th-century painter Tiepolo once lived there. In the 19th century, the Papadopoli family turned adjoining buildings into two gardens which, today, are among the city’s rarest private green spaces.

Aman Venice
Between feasting on a hearty Italian meal complete with wines pairings, and a quintessential Grand Canal view, dining at Arva will leave its patrons with lasting memories of La Dolce Vita.

Fresh tagliatelle
Fresh tagliatelle





















Photos provided courtesy of Aman Venice

Deve Sanford
Deve Sanford
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