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A Beach House for the Holidays!

A Beach House for the Holidays!

Jingle Bells on the sand?  Even though tradition tells us we should be Dreaming of a White Christmas, spending the holidays in a magnificent villa on a beautiful white sand beach on an island is the dream of many.  Who wants to be digging their car out from the latest snow storm or having to pull out the chainsaw to cut up the big branch that was broken from the weight of snow and ice? Better to be lounging in the shade of a palm tree with a piña colada contemplating the sound of waves breaking on the sand.

A Beach House for the Holidays!

For those who have a lot of money and love the beach so much that they are considering buying a permanent property where they can go on a whim and invite friends and family, or for those ready to spend their retirement watching the sun come up on their own beach, Triton would make a good Christmas gift.  This over-the-top luxury beach villa is in the Turks and Caicos islands on the coveted three-mile Long Bay white powder-sand beach.  It occupies over two acres of lush landscape and 10,000 square feet of living inside an open-island house with seven bedrooms, seven baths, an outdoor movie theater with fire pit, hot tub, two pools, private tennis and bocce ball courts.  The co-listing agents are Raymondson Azemard and Ian Hurdle of The Agency, Turks and Caicos.

A Beach House for the Holidays!

Triton can be leased at $70,000 per week or purchased for $14.5 million.  

A Beach House for the Holidays!

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