Coastal design is a buzzword that garners attention from homeowners who want to update their living spaces, and with good reason. The idea behind this style is to capture that relaxed, at the beach vibe, but it takes a subtle hand to pull it off successfully. That’s why the best interior designers may specialize in coastal design: they can offer an elegant, understated version of the beach without making your home look like a themed restaurant. Here are some of the key elements for coastal home décor if you are not sure where to begin.

Sit Back and Relax

A coastal vacation is all about kicking back and taking a break, and that mood is what interior designers in Santa Barbara work to capture in your home. They incorporate relaxed, comfortable pieces that beg you to sit down. Soft lines, slipcovers, and muted tones can make upholstered furniture especially inviting.

Au Naturale

Coastal chic also focuses on natural elements to mimic the beauty of the beach. Jute and sisal rugs, rattan accent chairs, tables, or ottomans…any way to bring in refined versions of home goods can lend an outdoorsy touch without looking too rustic.

Christine Markatos Design LakeSherwood Contemporary

Let Your Light Shine

A bright sunny day is glorious on the coast and in your home. Lots of natural light and breezy window treatments can make any room open and inviting. Your lighting fixtures can help too if you forego heavy, over-the-top lamps or chandeliers. Opt instead for casual lamps and unique pendants to light up your room. Mirrors can also add to the effect by reflecting light back into space.

Christine Markatos Design LakeSherwood Contemporary

Lots of Layers

Another way to get that beachy Malibu interior design style is with neutral colors. Muted tones, white-washed wood finishes, and simple color schemes can help you achieve a coastal look. You can mix in patterns and textures to get that layered effect and add dimension.

If you want more ideas for how to transform your home into a coastal destination, you should consult with an interior designer. A design expert can make suggestions and create a plan that brings your coastal vision to life.