Blushington Teams with EveryHue Beauty in Venture to Support Inclusivity in the World of Cosmetics

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 marked a special day for Blushington as they launched their highly anticipated partnership with EveryHue Beauty. 3 out of the 4 co-founders, Gizelle Bryant (Starring on the Real Housewives of the Potomac), Karlene Damallie and Sophia Rabkin joined Blushington’s CEO, Natasha Cornstein in celebrating their recent collaboration in making inclusivity within and otherwise marginalized beauty industry the norm.

With a steadfast belief that every women deserves to feel beautiful and confident, Blushington carefully hand selects and tests every brand that they carry, offering only the very best in beauty. Taking into consideration that the studio makes it a top priority to work with emerging brands founded by women, EveryHue Beauty was a dream come true!

Pat Smith, Gizelle Bryant, Tammy Franklin and Natasha Cornstein
Pat Smith, Gizelle Bryant, Tammy Franklin and Natasha Cornstein 

EveryHue Beauty was created out of the need and dream to formulate a cosmetic brand that catered to people of all shapes, sizes, styles and shades. The loving collaboration of four women for women proves that there is really something for everyone with their 12 shade collection which includes 10 tinted moisturizer shades for brown-skinned women, and two shades for fairer skinned ladies. With so many changes within the beauty industry to fill in the gap of a disproportionate market, EveryHue Beauty is successfully setting the bar in maintaining a realistic view of women of color.

EveryHue Beauty at Blushngton
EveryHue Beauty at Blushington

Blushington now offers their Dallas clients two products from the EveryHue Beauty Line including: The Glow Perfect Tinted Moisturizer and the EveryHue Go & Glow Powder Trio. These products are available both in the studio or online.

As guests were treated to makeup touch ups to experience the brand first hand, Upscale Living Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing the co-founders to learn a little more about what inspired a brand so close to their hearts.

Interview with Gizelle Bryant
 Gizelle Bryant from the Real Housewives of the Potomac at Blushington

What was the motivation behind the concept of EveryHue Beauty?
I have always been the girly girl and played in my mom’s makeup, so when I was tossing around the idea of developing a makeup line I didn’t want it to be “me too”; I really wanted it to meet the needs that were not being addressed in the beauty industry which was for women of color.

What do you think are some of the misconceptions about products for women of color?
It wasn’t so long ago when there was only four different foundation shades to choose from for women of color and clearly we come in a lot more shades than that! Also, women of color are taking much better care of their skin when in the past it wasn’t a prevalent routine because of misconceptions about not showing aging due to the amount of melanin in our skin. We are not giving in to the old adage referencing that we don’t need anything because we don’t crack.

How would you define your personal style?
Contemporary Classy Woman

Why does EveryHue Beauty use HueBeauty consultants and is this a model that will remain?
It will be an ongoing model that will remain. We feel that our products are about trust and education so how better to sell and educate people on our products than someone who actually uses it. We are the brand and unique find that you want to call your girlfriend and tell her about!

Who is your makeup muse?
Jennifer Lopez. Her makeup is phenomenal and just enhances her natural beauty. I think that is something that we should all want in a make up.

Interview with Karlene Damallie

Karlene Damallie Founder of Blushington

Karlene tell me a about your role with the brand?
Professionally, I am a makeup artist and that is how I started so it made the most sense for me to be the one in the lab with the chemist. I am the product developer; the one that introduces new concepts to the group and we collectively decide in which direction to go to next.

What anti-aging components are present in the ingredients?
I think one of the biggest components is that we put SPF 25 which is broad spectrum, in the tinted moisturizer. I’ve been in the industry forever and it’s something that women of color tend to overlook and think they do not need but SPF not only protects from the sun but from the environment.

What’s your favorite product from your collection?
Our Trio and Tinted Moisturizer…but they are really all my favorites. My favorite trio I am wearing now and it is called, Ginger Snap and it has a blush, highlighter and bronzer. Bronzers for darker skin are very hard to find for darker complexions due to the misconception that they are not needed for darker tones.

Tell me about EveryHue Beauty’s #fourwomenforwomen
It just means so much that we are four women that have come together from four different walks of life, ethnicities, professions and cultures to create a product that’s suitable and suiting ALL Women.

Interview with Sophia Rabkin

Sophia Rabkin, founder of Blushington

What do you feel is the main focus of EveryHue Beauty?
In very simple terms EveryHue Beauty is about empowering women and functionality. Sometimes makeup is not inclusive and that is the niche that we are catering to; the women that don’t fall in that commercial space. Most products that are made for multi ethnic women tend to cover what they have rather than enhance it, and that is what EveryHue Beauty is about. We want to be inclusive not exclusive.

How would you define your personal style?
Easy and effortless. I have to wear many hats in my personal and professional life so my style is a direct reflection of that.

What do you think sets this brand apart from other brands?
If I could put it in one word, it would be LOVE. I feel that when you are passionate about something you do in life it will show in your products. This is a pure labor of love in support of women and by women.

Where can EveryHue Beauty be found? 
Target, Blushington and online.

Interview with Natasha Cornstein

Natasha Cornstein, founder of Blushington

How were you introduced to Blushington?
I had a rather serendipitous introduction to Blushington. I walked in as a customer in 2015, my publicist at the time insisted that I get a head shot and I had never really worn a lot of make up. She took me to Blushington and from the time I walked in the door it was love at first sight. It had this uplifting aesthetic that was elegant and at the same time very approachable. A rare combination for a studio and a quality that we take great pride in. We want everyone to feel welcome when they come in Blushington.

How did Blushington come up with its name?
The founder of Blushington, Stephi Maron, had studied in London and loves everything British, so when she was trying to think of a name for her brand she tried to combine a name for makeup with some of her favorite places in London and came up with Blushington.

What can women expect on a visit to Blushington?
Our goal at Blushington is to make every woman feel like the best possible version of herself. Life is busy and full of stress, so at the end of the day what we all want is for women to walk away feeling as good on the inside as they look on the outside. We don’t put make up on at Blushington we enhance our clients natural beauty and we are known for our natural aesthetic even though we can personalize it. Our artists are here to listen to you and really get a sense of who you are and what your needs are. We are here for women all ages and all backgrounds.

How did your partnership with EveryHue Beauty come about?
Blushington had a huge void in tinted moisturizers for women of color and this was an area we knew that wanted to grow in, so we began looking for a partner. I tell every woman I know, that your next hello could be your future and it was just one of those situations that led to an introduction to EveryHue Beauty. They met all the criteria of a brand that Blushington likes to collaborate with: Women Vendors, price points that are accessible, products that perform well, and elegant packaging.

How many Blushington locations are there?
We have 5 locations. There are 2 in New York City, 1 in Dallas, 2 in Los Angelos. We are opening up a 3rd location in LA, in Brentwood and at the end of June a pop up in the Hamptons for the summer.

| Photos Courtesy of Danny Campbell

Deve Sanford
Deve Sanford
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