When members of a family such as the Boghossian, share a love of gemstones, rare and beautiful things are bound to happen. And thus was born Bogh-Art. In the refined world of high jewelry, Swiss high-jeweller Bogh-Art has carved a niche for itself since its inception in 2007. “Bogh-Art reflects our desire to bring something new to the world of gems: innovative creations that would stretch the limits of jewelry design,” says Albert Boghossian, founder and CEO.

IERG fleur-TitaniumFibreEarring

With the uniqueness of materials and considerable time that goes into putting each piece together, Bogh-Art has taken a huge step on the path of elegance and creativity. “Our vision is rooted in tradition but looking to the future with new materials and new techniques that will do justice to the beauty of the gem we use, inspiring new emotions,” says Albert. The brand’s signature style incorporates neckpieces, cuffs, rings encrusted with the finest diamonds and rare gemstones. “One of the house’s sources of inspiration is the architecture of the Taj Mahal (in India). We enjoy merging cultures, taking elements of Islamic architecture, Arabic art, Persian pottery or Mughal artefacts to create our pieces. We look to the East for motifs and shapes yet use these designs in a European aesthetic. We breathe life into traditions lost, making the ‘Art of Inlay’ our signature style,” he adds, underscoring the brand’s urge to be fiercely creative.

BRT 00202-cuff

Take the newest in Bogh-Art’s ring collection, which uses the ancient art of inlay to bring together a marquise-cut diamond and black mother of pearl hemmed in with sparkling diamonds, or the sumptuous Colombian emerald and diamonds parure jewelry – these jewels all bear the Bogh-Art trademark of originality. The skill and passion for creativity is reflected in the Ceylan sapphires, diamonds and Keshi salt-water pearls that add the right touch of opulence to the fluid bracelet and the Toi et Moi (You and Me) earrings that combine precious stones, diamonds, natural pearls in contrasting colours, giving more character, adding just a hint of playfulness.

IRGI 389Titanium and carbon fibre jewelry forms the corolla of Bogh-Art’s high craft collection: “At the heart of Bogh-Art, is the unrelenting determination to push further the boundaries of jewelry design.” This resolute approach led the team to spend time researching and developing a new material that could be both feminine and modern. “The ground-breaking use of Titanium lends the younger, more accessible pieces an exceptional lightness and transparency. It also demonstrates our commitment to jewelry design and innovation,” says Albert. The Titanium fibre butterfly earrings in white gold, diamond and Titanium fibre campanella earrings, flower earrings, brooches, carbon bangles and earrings evoke a touch of refinement.

SETE 20028-colombian emerald

Meanwhile, the quest to discover the most appealing precious stones and best ways to mount them pose a never ending challenge for Bogh-Art, making each jewel a collector’s piece. “One of my personal favorites is a gem pear-shaped flawless emerald ring of 10.23 carats. It has no indication of clarity enhancement, which makes it an exceptional stone, a true treasure, a collector’s dream,” says Roberto Boghossian, Managing Director, reinforcing the brand’s quiet excellence and its one-of-a-kind pieces.

Toi-Moi-You and MeCollection

Bogh-Art has stores and showrooms in Geneva, London, Hong Kong and Brussels.

Further information, www.bogh-art.com

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