There’s just something irresistible about spy movies. The femme fatales, the fervent fight scenes and the memorable one-liners combine in the perfect fusion of sexy and sinister, creating a genre so addictive that everyone knows the line: “The name’s Bond, James Bond.” So if you are still holding on to that secret agent fantasy, secretly or not so secretly, take in the lush images of our models, Jacqueline Depaul and Gregory Zarian. Here’ we present the idea of two agents, perhaps a super spy couple, or perhaps they have just met in a counterespionage covert operation. Both are living high-stress lives, always on the edge, and romance must be had on the fly; catching the briefest of opportunities.

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Timing is everything – whether on the job or otherwise. Despite their affluent lifestyle, time is one luxury this couple does not possess. regardless of limitless technology at their command, and endless gadgets to keep their lives on track, our agents are really controlled by that basic law of time. Whether it is the tick-tock of a hand-crafted wood watch by JORD or the dual-time functionality and rugged styling of the Italian-designed Diesel, our lives are truly wrapped up in the concept of time.

Jord and Diesel watches

This couple feels bound by the unrelenting race against time – time for pleasure being cut short by the demands of the job. Feeling as though time binds every part of them, they still endeavor to out-run the clock and shake off the constraints of time while embracing every precious moments. | J.Depaul & D.L.Reynolds

Jord and Diesel watches

Photographer | Lesley Pedraza

Female Model-Blogger | Jacqueline Depaul

Male Model | Gregory Zarian

Makeup-Hair | Claudia Rivas 

Post Production | Argiris Maipas