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British made Juliet Immaculate Vodka


British made Juliet Immaculate Vodka


When you can create your own grade of vodka that is regularly accepted by global professionals in the industry, you know that you are on to something big.  British made Juliet Vodka has done just that with their IMMACULATE vodka, created by head of Prodiguer Brands, luxury wine and spirits creator Shammi Shinh.

How does a company surpass the Premium, Super Premium and Ultra-Premium graded brands to create their own grade? By using a boutique production procedure and high quality ingredients.  The vodka is distilled only once because, according to Shinh, “There is no need for a second or third distillation, as we don’t allow any impurities to enter from the start, it is simply not an option.”  The southern England distillery handcrafts the vodka by using copper pots; high quality beets to level out the 43 % alcohol content with a delicate floral sweetness; as well as wood top natural corks and tin foil capsules that promote the brand’s approach to using natural, non-toxic and renewable branded quality materials.


Mr. Shinh also insists that, “There is no need to filter through bones, crystals or gold, we confidently purify our vodka without any marketing gimmicks.”

The vodka itself stands on its own, however, there is certainly no harm in introducing it to the market with panache.  A series of collector bottles were designed by world renowned artist Sue Tsai that were based on the F1 racing series and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.  The official launch party for the vodka took place during the thrilling Formula One Grand Prix weekend at the exclusive Ermanno Palace Penthouse this year in Monaco.  The debut followed several glitzy, A-list pre-launch parties in New York City, Barcelona, Paris, Sweden, and London.

If you are looking for the pinnacle in luxury vodka, then look no further than Juliet Immaculate Vodka.




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