If you are thinking about getting a Bentley, we have good news for you! The British carmaker’s commissioning department Mulliner has come up with a plethora of customization for its customers across the entire Bentley Bentagya model range with its addition to the new Bentayga to Mulliner’s Personal Commissioning Guide.

Now, consumers can configure the car depending on their personality, personal preference while ensuring style and performance is never compromised. The Personal Commissioning Guide is a unique mix of traditional and contemporary options that will appeal to Bentley’s diverse and extraordinary clients, having listed an extensive list of upgrades related to interiors material and design as well as exterior colors. Additionally, customers are free to design their own Bentayga version virtually with the use of Mulliner Visualiser in conjunction with their local retailer.

Bentley Bentayga

The original Bentley has an understated classic exterior; however, consumers can choose from an exquisite range of 26 new shades including metallic, satin, and solid finishes with the brand’s signature hand spraying expertise, complemented by the latest robotic technology, which delivers the best possible finish on each vehicle. Furthermore, for customers who want more personalization, the craftspeople at Bentley’s personal commissioning division can also color-match virtually any sample provided by using the innovative color recognition software to analyze the composition of the sample provided.

Speaking of its interiors, the range of options will truly blow your mind! Patrons who wish to choose a color theme inside their Bentagya can check an extensive Mulliner’s range of 27 hide and stitching colors to create a truly unique interior color split. Also, they are free to have a completely personalized color hide and stitching and enhance the interior atmosphere through seat piping, carpet binding and hand cross-stitching that matches their ultimate expression of personality. Did you know? The process of hand cross-stitching a Bentayga cabin takes a craftsperson 44 hours to complete. Unique thread and dyes are used to maintain the color to last for the lifespan of the vehicle.

Bentley Bentayga piano linen veneerThe list doesn’t end here; customers also have an opportunity to add extra touches to their Bentley. You can add a name, motif, or crest to your car, whereas seats and deep pile overmats can be embroidered, a name of choice can be added to the outer illuminated sill plates, or personalized text or imagery can be applied to the passenger fascia panel in a satin finish. Take an example, for customers that enjoy a more sporting interior theme, the optional inclusion of Alcantara seat centers, headrests, and door inserts creates an exquisite, tactile finish. For even more sporting ambiance, Alcantara can be applied to the steering wheel and gear lever. If that wasn’t enough, Bentley also offers an additional personalized welcome lamps project to illuminate a custom image on the floor each time the door is opened. 

Bentley Bentayga piano linen veneer

Speaking about luxury, the Bentley Mulliner team has worked with a traditional textile mill to produce a bespoke, natural wool cloth akin to that in a fine tailored suit. It has created four amazing woven cloth patterns with exclusive yarn cloth. The natural hues are in harmony with the leather used inside the cabin. This mill also ensures that the materials used are produced most ethically and environmentally, which is in line with Bentley’s Beyond100 strategy that details the plans for the company to become a global leader in sustainable luxury mobility. From traditional wood cross-banding to painted veneers and contemporary stone fascias, there is a unique interior feature for every customer. Bentley Mulliner also offers a wide range of veneer options like Stone Veneer, Liquid Amber, Dark Burr Walnut, and Tamo Ash that will transform the interior of each new Bentayga. 

The new SUV makes a clear statement and reintroduces Cross Banding Inlays as an option for the fascia and waist rail inserts. This cross banding uses an Australian straight grain veneer with a boxwood inlay available on several veneer options, enhanced with a Bentley Mulliner overlay in either a silver or gold color. Other finishes include Bentley Mulliner’s new signature Stone Veneer, available in Autumn White, Copper, Galaxy, or Terra Red color finishes.

The Bentley Bentagya comes in a total of 4 variants available with automatic transmission. With the car’s addition to the Mulliner customization program, it is a step forward in the world of modern-day auto-making.