After a long day, kicking off your heels into a cluttered closet foretells the inevitable struggle to find them later. Considerable time and money is invested in a stylish wardrobe: Why toss coveted shoes or cram a blouse into an overcrowded closet?

California Closets can transform an ordinary space cluttered with shoeboxes and iron hangers into a handcrafted, walk-in closet fit to be photographed. “We’re not what you might expect,” says Kim Kaplan, marketing manager, California Closets. “It’s not just storage units, it’s a carefully crafted, individually designed closet, pantry or office … any space can be transformed.”

Personal Touch

California Closets has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Thirty years ago, an 18-year-old college student in southern California organized his dorm room, segueing into a successful business. Since then, satisfied customers have spread the word, allowing California Closets to expand nationally with showrooms spanning from California to New England.

California Closet’s personal designers take great care in determining each space’s potential. “There is a lot of pre-investigation before designing a space,” says Dianne Lightbrown, design consultant, California Closets. “Investigating is my favorite part of the process.” Designers work with you to find out your needs, ensuring that the final layout allows you to toss boxes and unclutter your wardrobe.

“We experiment with different materials and styles,” adds Lightbrown. “I’ve sunk my teeth into some impossible-looking situations. Our customers are always amazed at the transformation.”

“Just walk into one of our showrooms,” says Kaplan. “People are amazed at what we can do; it’s an unexpected and welcomed surprise.” Breaking free from droll factory-grade materials, California Closets offers an array of styles and finishing touches. Need a bit of color in your closet? Hand-painted Italian glass adds vibrancy and panache.

Never struggle with scrounging through piles of strewn clothing for a missing shoe or be frustrated while seeking out your little black dress. Handbags are an arm’s length away and finding accessories is effortless. Presenting your needs to a design consultant will yield fabulous rewards, leaving you at ease and informed every step of the way.

“We seek out unique pieces from American and European designers–personalizing each space with classic armoires and lighting fixtures. We look to maximize a space’s potential within the given budget,” says Lightbrown.

Above the Competition

In as little as 10 days, California Closets can completely transform a space. Serving a range of budgets, California Closets is aptly equipped to work with you every step of the way. Customer service is as important as the quality of materials used. Your needs and preferences will be well-documented, leaving you at ease while California Closets installs everything swiftly and built to last.

California Closets backs its craftsmanship for life. “We’ve come a long way from our beginnings,” says Lightbrown. Through the years, the company has progressed beyond expectations, meeting the needs of the new generation.

Simplify Your Life

No matter what the request, California Closets can make it happen. Want to use your walk-in closet as an escape haven? California Closets can embed an office from within. Need an office in your garage? It can do that, too.

Whether you have an abundance of coats or your shoe collection rivals that of Carrie Bradshaw, designers are equipped to design the perfect layout. No longer dubbed a luxury just for celebrities, anyone can transform a closet into a walk-in showcase.

Floor-to-ceiling shelves dedicated to shoes, drawers in the walls and tie racks for the most robust collection are easily accommodated. Wooden flooring, carpet and tile can be catered to your preferences.

Aesthetic appeal aside, California Closets is a practical solution for easy access to your wardrobe, office, pantry or tool shed. Easy to maneuver drawers, racks and shelves organize your belongings and are a breeze to maintain. With your storage space utilized to its fullest potential, the need to “tidy up” is substantially reduced—leaving precious hours of free time spent doing worthwhile ventures, rather than cleaning up clutter.

No Longer a Cellar Showcase

When thinking of storage space and closet organizing, a modern wine cellar does not usually come to mind. California Closets continues to evolve, as the customer desires change. Turn any area in your home into a conversation piece—including your basement. Consider having an elegant, beautifully displayed wine collection.

A “Greener” Armoire

Many fashion-conscious homeowners are seeking eco-friendly options. California Closets is equipped to meet the demand. “We work with, an environmentally-friendly company which provides biodegradable materials,” says Lightbrown. Staying attuned to the needs of today’s environment, California Closets excels beyond the competition by offering a wide variety of designs in eco-friendly materials. They are composed of 40 percent consumable waste. Earth-friendly styles will reflect your tastes, whether classic or contemporary.

Italian glass, handcrafted wood and intricate décor transform an ordinary space. There are no preconceived templates to choose from. Each space is personally adapted to each individual’s needs. Ecoresin materials not only add character to a space, but also help protect the environment. Breaking away from plastic fixtures and dull colors, these new, crafty and environmentally-friendly materials add panache to any space, transforming a closet, garage, pantry or home office into an inviting atmosphere.

In the Kitchen

Marble countertops and high-tech appliances are both practical and pleasing to the eye. However, it’s what’s behind the exterior that helps complete a gourmet kitchen. California Closets transforms pantries into well-organized works of art, making cooking a breeze with easily accessible, eye-pleasing interiors.

Need a place for your Cuisinart appliances? Don’t want your espresso machine consuming space on the kitchen counter? California Closets can accommodate all your appliances—food, drinks and silverware—enabling you to cater to friends and family with ease and without the added stress of clutter.

The Home Office

Working from home has its advantages, especially if you are able to personally design your workspace. Worlds apart from cubicles and florescent lighting, California Closets allows you the ability to choose the color palette, lighting fixtures and setup—making extra hours poured over work a breeze.

“A recent client was a doctor who often worked from home,” recalls Lightbrown. Familiar with rooms full of disarray, the company was able to burrow through seemingly endless piles of files, folders and papers. “We completely rebuilt the entire room, stripping it down and rebuilding it from scratch,” says Lightbrown.

Pet-Friendly Too

In addition to closets, pantries and home offices, man’s best friend—whether of the feline or canine variety—can have his or her living space transformed.

“Oftentimes, a family has an area set aside for their pet,” says Lightbrown. “We help make it as convenient as possible to keep all of their pet’s accessories, food dishes and containers in one easily accessible area.”

At the end of the day, it is vital that your needs are met and the space reflects both your style and preferences. California Closets walks through each step with you, ensuring that the end product exceeds the highest expectations. “We’ve been around for more than 30 years,” says Lightbrown. “We plan on being around for 30 more.”


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