Captain’s Criteria – Choosing The Right Add-Ons For Your Boat

Those who love to sail know what it feels like to course over the water while feeling the sun and the sea breeze on your skin. Moving through the water on your yacht, offers people a very unique and personal experience, interacting with nature and truly being in the moment. However, more than just the lore of novels featuring a man and the sea, anyone who has taken up sailing can speak to the excitement and peace that comes from being out on the water.

When looking for catamarans for sale, buyers today are faced with a huge variety of choices in terms of boat add-ons to make the experience safer, more comfortable and ultimately more enjoyable. accessorizing your boat can really change the whole experience as there can be such a dramatic difference between your standard yacht and one decked out with the latest amenities. Choosing the right add-ons for your boat can make sailing the boat easier, more fun and it can help you add your personal touch to the vessel. personal taste.

Continue reading for more information about choosing the right accessories for your boat and improve your next sailing adventure.

Solar Panels | Solar panels are becoming an increasingly popular add-on for boat owners as the price has dropped significantly over the last number of years. Keeping boat batteries topped up can be a constant struggle. You don’t want to earn a reputation as the loud guy at the marina, always running the engine to keep the batteries powered. However, in modern boats, you do need quite a bit of power to keep everything from the navigation system to the lighting and the fridge running. Solar panels allow you to keep your batteries efficiently charged without the need to run the engine and, of course, they’re better for the environment too!

Inflatable Life Jackets | Having life jackets onboard is a prerequisite for boat owners to keep you and your passengers safe. However, the days of big, bulky, bright orange life jackets that make it difficult to manoeuvre are gone. Modern, lightweight life jackets are a great addition to any boat and will be welcomed by your passengers and crew alike. Not only are they more comfortable to wear but they allow easier movement around the boat and should someone go overboard a sensor triggers automatic inflation adding an extra level of safety.

 The Right Anchor | Depending on where you are going to be ailing, different anchors may be required. Whether the bottom consists of sand, coral or rock will decide on what anchor will be best suited to hold you in place when you get to where you are going. Also, be sure to take into account the size of your boat and what the conditions are like before you decide on which anchor to use. Having the right anchor onboard means that you have more flexibility in terms of where you are going to hold up for the day or night. Fluke anchors are one of the most popular choices but plough and scoop anchors are better in sand, grass and mud. Take some time to choose the right anchor for your needs and improve your experience on the water.

Entertaining Extras | Going out sailing is fun and if you’re leaving the marina with a group of friends or family onboard, you want to be sure that everyone has a good time. There are plenty of novel accessories you can add to your boating set up to bring a little life to the party. Portable drink makers like cordless margarita makers and boat blenders are a great way to keep your guests refreshed. Consider installing a flat screen tv in the salon and have a movie night with the family when you dock for the evening. Or how about adding a GoPro bracket to the mast or at the front of the bow to get some great action shots of your adventures at sea? With fun add-ons like these, you can be sure everyone will have a great and memorable time onboard your boat.

Choosing To accessorize | Choosing the right add-ons for your boat will depend on your taste and the function of the craft. You may want to gently cruise around the harbour, go out on short weekend trips or maybe you have a need for speed? Whatever way you like to enjoy your boating, be sure to take some time to look into all of the add-ons available that can enhance the experience in different ways. From keeping your passengers safe to improving the boat’s functionality and even adding some entertainment, there’s an add-on for just about every taste and budget.

Danor Aliz
Danor Aliz
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Captain’s Criteria – Choosing The Right Add-Ons For Your Boat