Marissa Collections


Marissa Collections

Armand Assante & VirtualCons Journey to Nicaragua’s Plasencia Cigars, and You’re Invited

VirtualCons meets the Covid moment by bringing the convention – or Con – experience to entertainment fans via virtual programming that allows subscribers worldwide to gather via remote access. Created by 3fams...

Vesta Styles the Sanctuaries of the Stars

Vesta is on its way to becoming a household name, and chances are very good that reality television fans are already more than familiar with the interior design firm’s handiwork. Having helped...

The Ethereal Art of Ceramist Jennifer McCurdy 

Luminescent. Ethereal. Otherworldly. Ceramist Jennifer McCurdy’s artworks beg for tactile engagement. Each of her highly architectural ceramic pieces are influenced by forms in nature, from a cracked conch shell on the beach...

Mullin Automotive Museum to reopen for the public from April 9

Founded in 2010, Peter W. Mullin's astonishing luxury car collection has been open to the public under the name of Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, California. But due to COVID-19 induced lockdown,...

Crescere Yacht Concept: Going Green, with Style

Crescere in Latin means "to grow," and it is all about a yacht going green, albeit with many styles. Its biggest talking point is an in-built saltwater pool which disappears when not...


Marissa Collections
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