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Marissa Collections

Catherine Zeta-Jones – Putting Her Best Foot Forward

Far removed from the bright lights of her Hollywood stardom, Catherine Zeta-Jones is happiest at home, with her husband, Michael Douglas, of 20 years, their two children, and adorable dogs while sporting...

In The Saddle with Jessica Springsteen

With a love for horses starting at a young age, Jessica Springsteen credits the patience and determination she has as a person to her cherished sport of equestrian show jumping. She spoke...

Richard Landry, Perfecting The Language of Architecture

For the past 34 years, Richard Landry has created the most exquisite one-of-a-kind homes with his incredible architecture. Upscale Living magazine spoke to him and discovered that behind these palatial homes is...

Hafeez Lakhani, The Elite Founder and President of Lakhani Coaching

Being a college admissions coach in a post-Varsity Blues, the COVID-restricted era seems like a job no one would want. Still, Hafeez Lakhani, Founder, and President of Lakhani Coaching, says this is an...

British Sculptor, Paul Day Captures Moments in Time

Art, in all its forms, has brought beauty and intrigue into the world since the beginning of time. Paul Day, a British sculptor, adds to that beauty with his gorgeous high-relief and...


Marissa Collections
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