The 19 July marks Daiquiri Day, and right in time, Fortnum’s have brought out a new take on the daiquiri. Move to the side strawberries, the F&M Espresso Daiquiri version is part daiquiri, part espresso martini and we love it.

A handcrafted reimagining of the late, great bartender Dick Bradsell’s iconic espresso martini, this utterly delicious cocktail combines the notes of tropical pineapple and coconut thanks to the F&M London white rum, along with the intense flavors of freshly-brewed espresso and sweetly-decadent coffee liqueur. The result? A well-balanced cocktail that has been expertly brewed, blended, and bottled exclusively for Fortnum’s, and it’s just three miles away from their famous Piccadilly store.

Fortnum & Mason Espresso Daiquiri Cocktail

To serve it couldn’t be easier – simply chill, shake, and serve straight. Alternatively, if you want a little extra foam, shake with ice and strain into your favorite cocktail glass.

Unlike other bottled cocktails, this espresso daiquiri is blended, aged, and diluted to the perfect serving strength before bottling, allowing you to easily serve superior cocktails at home. Easy and delicious!