Chanel Timepieces

Luxury fashion house Chanel’s precious new watches unveiled at Baselworld this year, Les Eternelles De Chanel, were a nod to the Maison’s creative excellence and featured four unique high jewelry secret timepieces.

Conceived as a capsule collection, these exceptional time-tellers were evocative of the couture spirit of the brand, celebrating its iconic matelasse (quilting) motif. These feminine colors and sumptuous stones conceal the dial beneath a lavish central stone.

Chanel Les Eternelles Morganite

Chanel Les Eternelles Morganite in 18k white gold. 43.64-carat pink morganite pyramid.

Chanel Les Eternelles Signature Grenat

Chanel Les Eternelles Signature Grenat in 18k white gold; 39.92-carat carmine garnet.Chanel Les Eternelles Saphir

Chanel Les Eternelles Saphir in 18k white gold. 17.22-carat pink orange Padparadscha sapphire.

Chanel Les Eternelles Diamants Ouverte

Chanel Les Eternelles Diamants Ouverte in 18k white gold. 5.26-carat exceptional diamond

Adina Laura Achim
Adina Laura Achim
Adina Laura Achim is a published author, luxury brand consultant, journalist, and PR executive. She covers the luxury sector in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Latin America, and her work was published in South China Morning Post, Jing Daily, Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel, Grazia, Fashion TV, Society Magazine, Buro 24/7, Zink Magazine, The Jewish Business News, and The Rake. Her writing portfolio includes topics related to luxury travel and hospitality, beauty, fashion retail, and bespoke luxury experiences.

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