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Chanel Timepieces

FASHION Timepieces

Chanel Timepieces

Chanel Les Eternelles Grenat

Luxury fashion house Chanel’s precious new watches unveiled at Baselworld this year, Les Eternelles De Chanel, were a nod to the Maison’s creative excellence and featured four unique high jewelry secret timepieces.

Conceived as a capsule collection, these exceptional time-tellers were evocative of the couture spirit of the brand, celebrating its iconic matelasse (quilting) motif. These feminine colors and sumptuous stones conceal the dial beneath a lavish central stone.

Chanel Les Eternelles Morganite

Chanel Les Eternelles Morganite in 18k white gold. 43.64-carat pink morganite pyramid.

Chanel Les Eternelles Signature Grenat

Chanel Les Eternelles Signature Grenat in 18k white gold; 39.92-carat carmine garnet.Chanel Les Eternelles Saphir

Chanel Les Eternelles Saphir in 18k white gold. 17.22-carat pink orange Padparadscha sapphire.

Chanel Les Eternelles Diamants Ouverte

Chanel Les Eternelles Diamants Ouverte in 18k white gold. 5.26-carat exceptional diamond


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