Choosing the Right E-Juice: 3 Important Considerations

Today, approximately 10.8 million Americans vape. That’s one out of every 20 adults. Thanks to the explosive popularity of using e-cigarettes, the vaping industry has grown significantly, with thousands of companies now offering millions of options when it comes to e-juice types and flavors.

For someone new to vaping (or even old-pros) all the options can become a bit overwhelming. The good news is, there are a few tips that can help ensure you get the right e-juice for your particular tastes and preferences. Regardless of if you plan to buy in person, or from a vapor juice store online, you will find these tips helpful.

Choose Your Flavor | When you are ready to purchase e-juice, the first thing to consider is the flavor. Even if you have found the perfect ratio in everything else – PG or VG, strength of nicotine, vapor production, etc. – if you don’t get a flavor you like, you’ll never even use the e-liquid.

The good news is, you will find e-liquids available in virtually any flavor you can imagine (and many you have never imagined). From traditional tobacco blends to food and candy, the options are vast.

If you are new to vaping, you may want to stick with a tobacco blend. After all, this is going to closely match the taste of your cigarettes. However, when you are ready to venture out a bit, it’s smart to start with the food or fruity blends. There are also mixed bends, like strawberry banana, as well as more exotic flavors.

There are some vape shops that will let you sample a flavor before buying it, so if you aren’t sure, this is a smart option.

Nicotine Matters | After you have selected a flavor, your next step is to figure out the nicotine strength you want or need. You will find e-juices have varying nicotine strengths. These include:

  • 6 mg and under is considered low and for light smokers
  • 9 mg to 16 mg is considered medium and right for average smokers
  • 18 mg to 36 mg is considered high and ideal for the chain smokers out there

Finding the right strength in nicotine is crucial, because if there isn’t enough, you will be vaping more and more to try and compensate and if there’s too much, you may get a headache. It’s smart to start with one in the middle and then make adjustments as needed.


Understanding VG and PG | When it comes to e-juice, each one is made from either VG – Vegetable Glycerol – or PG – Propylene Glycol. Sometimes you will find these combined to create the e-juice.

While VG offers a sweeter taste and is more viscous, it can often mute the flavor. A reason many people choose VG, though is because it’s what can produce the huge clouds of vapor.

PG doesn’t produce as much vapor, but it’s more flavorful. Due to the differences in the two, many e-juice makers mix VG and PG together to provide a “best of both worlds” situation.

Understand, though, there are many people who have found they are allergic to PG. If you find that you have begun getting hives, itching or even having trouble breathing while vaping with a VG/PG mix or only PG, it may be time to change to an all VG e-juice option.

If you are trying to find the perfect e-juice, make sure you consider the things here. Doing so will help you find an e-juice that provides the right level of nicotine, while giving you a flavor you like.

Danor Aliz
Danor Aliz
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Choosing the Right E-Juice: 3 Important Considerations