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Cigar Sanctum, the London design house that creates gold and silver jewelry for the passionate cigar smoker, began life in a haze of blue smoke. A small fraternity of friends could be seen smoking fine cigars, drinking the wonderfully rich Barbaresco and talking about everything under the sun (because that’s what cigars do to a person). Like so many cigar smokers, we are a passionate bunch. Passionate about our friends, art, travel, how we pass a lazy Sunday, the cigars we smoke, the wine we drink, the clothes we wear. This ritual is how we view the world – our creed – and Zino Davidoff was right when he said that the act of cigar smoking is a ceremonial one.


That summer’s evening, we spoke about the fact that we all wear jewelry – some classic in style, some rock and roll. However, there was nothing on the market that allowed us to pay homage to one of our greatest pleasures. And so Cigar Sanctum was born. The world’s first design house aimed solely at creating jewelry for the cigar smoker. Cigar Sanctum designs reflect the many facets of the cigar world, from the cigar culture of old Havana to the gentlemen’s clubs of Edwardian England to the high octane world of rock and roll today. And each design carries with it a story that creates a bond between recipient and object, because we believe that to wear jewelry is to wear a badge. It’s something of which to be proud.

memento mori skull cufflinkssWEB

Since launching Cigar Sanctum, we’ve discovered that there remains an insatiable appetite for classic, weighty cufflinks. We’ve rediscovered that object of bygone sartorial elegance – the lapel pin. And a key ring now needs to carry the weight of a small stone. We’ve even developed a process for finishing each of our handmade silver designs that still raises eyebrows: we silver-plate it. This counterintuitive act – silver-plating silver – lifts each piece and gives it a wonderful brilliance. We’re big fans of counter intuition.

crossed cigars WEB

And from where do the ideas arise? Well, we find inspiration in Havana’s old Partagas Factory, the birthplace of premium rolled cigars since 1845. We find inspiration in words and have created a collection of classic, weighty silver key rings with famous cigar quotes. We find inspiration in the concept of Memento Mori, which is Latin for Remember Death. Except it’s not. It’s Remember Life. It’s a reminder that our time here is fleeting, and we must enjoy life each day. Be kind. Love one another. Experience new things. And, of course, smoke great cigars. Our Memento Mori range – a smoking skull set against two crossed cigars – is all about loving life.


In addition to our original jewelry, Cigar Sanctum also sources rare cigar-related pieces. From a personally owned Winston Churchill cigar to an impossible-to-find Cartier cutter. From the ashtray that Ernest Hemingway gifted Orson Welles more than half a century ago to an Art Nouveau Tiffany table lighter. From Che Guevara’s personal tobacco box to a limited edition vintage Dunhill humidor. All speak of passions past … until they find a new custodian.

Cigar Sanctum’s motto is In Puros Amicitia. “In Cigars There Is Friendship.” New acquaintances spark and lifelong friendships become cemented over cigars. And the common thread that runs through this is how the passionate cigar smoker views the world. Our jewelry is handmade, contemporary and intensely personal and speaks to those who live a life filled with passion. To view our collections, please visit www.cigarsanctum.com.



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