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Complete Guide to Children’s Athletic Wear


Complete Guide to Children’s Athletic Wear


Complete Guide to Children’s Athletic Wear

With the rise of enticing distractions like video games and TV programs, it’s harder than ever to keep kids active. Recent studies show that only one in every three children are active every day. With startling numbers like that, it’s easy to see why more parents are looking for ways to encourage their kids to get off the couch and be physically active.

Getting kids to give up the virtual games in favor of exercise isn’t always easy. Previously, this was only half the battle. The selection of children’s athletic clothes, until recently, has been incredibly limited to only a few options. Today, however, there are so many options for children’s athletic wear that it can actually be overwhelming. Here is a guide to children’s athletic wear to motivate your child to get out and play.

Children's Athletic Wear

QUALITY SNEAKERSBuying children’s sneakers is more difficult than purchasing adult sneakers. With constantly growing feet, kids need to be more careful about the shoes they wear. Your child should have his or her foot measured every time you go to purchase new sneakers. Remember that feet can grow at different rates so you should always go for the larger size.

To protect your child’s feet, make sure the shoes are comfortable and breathable. Canvas and leather are great options for durable materials that hold up to long hours of play outside. Avoid shoes that are too flexible because they won’t provide enough support. Having fun sneakers is an easy way to encourage your children to seek more hours of play!

Children's Athletic Wear

OUTERWEARJust because the seasons change doesn’t mean kids need to be stuck inside. The best way to prepare your kids for the winter and colder months is to have a number of layerable clothes on hand for outdoor play and sport. Sweatpants and jackets are an easy way to transform an outfit for outdoors when the temperature dips lower.For even greater athletic performance, cold weather compression gear is a great choice. Compression fabrics can hold body heat in, and it won’t bulk under clothes. Compression gear is great for playing in the snow, hiking, and more intense outdoor sport activities like skiing or skating.


One of the easiest ways to convince your child to be more active is to find an activity they are interested in. Whether it’s a team or performance sport, this is a surefire way to lead to a healthier lifestyle. Sports such as dance are proven to lead to improved weight management and even better social skills!

Get your child excited to start his or her new activity with quality specialty clothes. Just for Kix has the latest trends in dance pants for your budding contemporary dancer or ballerina. Other sports might require special shoes like cleats or spikes. It doesn’t matter whether your child athlete is a beginner or a pro, make sure they are equipped to do their best!


Athletic clothes help encourage kids to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is important to show kids the value of being active and staying fit while they are young so they continue these habits into adulthood. Set your kid up for success by ensuring they have quality athletic wear and sneakers so they never have to stop playing!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your child’s activewear! What’s important is that you do your research on the best way to select activewear that offers support and longevity. Being active is a lifestyle choice, and you want your kid to understand that happiness comes from the inside out.

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