Angela Sara West
Having worked in various news, music, entertainment and language departments at the BBC in London, Angela Sara West went solo to realize her dream of travel writing. From language learning Read More
Gopisetti Parvathesam
Gopisetti Parvathesam is a software profession with 22+ years of experience; He is author of Sudoku puzzle book. He develop puzzles (Ex:-Sudoku) and supply to newspapers, magazines and book publishers. Read More
Adam Jacot de Boinod
Adam Jacot de Boinod worked on the first series of the BBC panel game QI for Stephen Fry. He is a British author having written three books about unusual words with Penguin Press. Like this:Like Read More
Gerard Vallecello
Gerard Vallecello is a columnist, a personality, a stylist, and creative director based in New York. Attended Rhode Island School of Design and contributes to publications in the US and Read More
Christopher Pinckley
With a deep background in integral coaching, a track record of creating inner peace for his clients, and a strict code of confidentiality, Chris has been privileged to serve the Read More
Tracy Beard
Tracy Ellen Beard is a freelance writer and photographer based in Vancouver, Washington. She contributes to Luxe Beat Magazine, Communities Digital News, Wander With Wonder, and several other magazines. Her Read More
Jyoti Balani
A well established food, wine and travel writer based in India, I started my writing career with the Times of India in 2003. Since then I have contributed to well known publications such Read More
Mosaka Williamson
Mosaka Williamson is a native New Yorker who has spent the past two years as a travel writer, within that time, visiting over 30 countries including Germany, Morocco, Australia, Ecuador, Read More
Alona Abbady Martinez
Alona Abbady Martinez is a food, travel, and lifestyle writer in South Florida with over fifteen years of writing experience.  She freelances for Upscale Living Magazine, International Opulence Magazine, Lifestyle Read More
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