How to Decorate an Alpine Property-style Home

The latest Morzine property information indicates that more people are showing interest in acquiring property in this Alpine region in southeastern France. The very mention of this and other popular Alpine communities conjure up images of warm and cozy chalets that are set amid a beautiful backdrop of snowy Alpine meadows. If you are lucky enough to land an Alpine property style home in Morzine, you’ll want for it to have the look and feel of a traditional chalet.

Below are tips on how to decorate an Alpine-style home. Even if you do not own an Alpine chalet, you can still decorate your home in a similar way. The following shows how to give your home a chic Alpine design.

Think Rustic

If there’s one word that captures the overall concept of a typical Alpine chalet, it would have to be “rustic.” Vintage decor and furniture are the most dominant elements in the design. A few reminders of the rugged outdoors like reclaimed wood combined with luxurious decor are among the basic elements in an Alpine home-inspired design. An eclectic combination of modern and classic design styles in subdued, earthy tones will serve to enhance the rustic mood some more.

Capture the Mood

Traditional Alpine chalets share common designs that you can incorporate when decorating your Alpine home or when you are trying to replicate the look. Wooden cedar walls, high ceilings and exposed wood beams that sit atop wooden floor are the typical construction style in Alpine homes. An open floor style is also the standard, framing a large living area with wall panels, sideboards and, of course, a stone fireplace. The windows are large enough to allow you to enjoy outdoor views that constantly change in harmony with the season.

Furniture Pieces

The ideal furniture pieces for Alpine chalet-inspired designs should include vintage seating furniture with cowhide upholstery and tufted backrests. Modern furniture will do just as well, with velvet or suede fabric and long tapered legs. Decorations such as deer antlers, wrought-iron coffee tables, Adirondack reading chairs, hammered copper kitchenware, logs, fire poker and classic bellows all combine for a truly rustic chalet look.

Bump Up Warm and Fuzzy

To make the decor look cozier, add fabric and other lush textiles. Faux fur or other swaths of thick fabric may be draped over the seating furniture along with plush throws. Rugs with animal prints serve to make any room look more comfortable. They work especially well in the living area where most family activities take place.

Hit the Lights

Don’t make the mistake of using light sources that are too bright and are deathly white. Stay in tune with the rustic look by using warm LED lights with amber color. Your primary lighting source, such as a chandelier, should be bright enough to illuminate the main living area with soft light. You may use sconces and area lamps to brighten up the darker areas in any room.


Add more design elements to complement your basic decor. These may include old posters, paintings or other wall art. Adding a mirror with a vintage frame, a cuckoo clock, German beer steins, candleholders, and wooden clogs, are just some of the many accessories that you can use complete the design theme of your Alpine home.

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How to Decorate an Alpine Property-style Home