About $6 billion was lost to car theft in 2018. Seven hundred forty-eight thousand, eight hundred forty-one (748,841) vehicles were stolen that year, according to Insurance Information Institute’s (III). And with the Coronavirus outbreak, there has been an increase in the number of thefts because of mandatory stay-at-home orders. It limited the number of vehicles on the road, making thieves target the vehicles parked at home.

Some cars are more likely to be stolen than others. The reason could be because of models, for recent models have more security features than older models. Also, in America, some models are more common than others, which are more attractive to car theft. Cars are being stolen daily, and even the new model cars are stolen if suitable preventive measures are not taken. Follow these steps below, and you will not be the next victim of car theft.

Park Your Car In A Safe Place

To secure your car at home, park in a secured garage where there is no public access. If you do not have a garage, you can get a garage door company in Arizona, depending on your choice. Some garages also come with CCTV, which will help you monitor whatever happens. And if you will not park your car in a garage at night, make sure you park in a place bright enough to scare any thief. 

Do not park in an isolated environment when you are out. But a place in public enough for people to notice if anything is happening to your car. Another pleasant spot is an area with CCTV coverage. Any thief will think twice before trying to steal a car when he knows he can be exposed.

Install An Audible Alarm System Or Immobilizer

Recent cars have inbuilt alarm systems, and the good part is you can install the device if your car doesn’t come with it. The system will trigger a loud sound whenever someone tries to open the door or when the car is about to be turned on. All you have to do is to keep it activated. The sound of the alarm will scare a thief away because he wouldn’t want the attention it would bring, and it is also a means to alert you that someone is trying to invade your vehicle. 

Another way is to install a vehicle immobilizer. This electronic device could also be in-built or installed. The immobilizer will prevent hot wiring. Preventing the engine from starting except the correct key is used.

Always Remove Your Keys From Your Car

Your car is never a good place to keep your keys. Always take your keys with you whenever you are leaving the car. Leaving your keys in the car makes it very easy for anyone to enter and drive off. 

Another thing is never to keep your spare key inside your car, especially cars with the push-start feature. In the case of keyless vehicles, do not leave your key fobs in the car, and be careful not to misplace your key fob because this could aid a thief in locating your vehicle by just pressing the alarm button.

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Protect Your Car Wheels

Physical protection can discourage a thief. Wheel clamp or lug nut can come in handy to protect your wheels. He wouldn’t want to be noticed while trying to remove the protection. This not only helps to protect your wheels from being stolen but also helps to protect your car from being driven away. 

A steering wheel lock can scare a thief away when attached to your steering wheel. It immobilizes it until it is unlocked.

Don’t Leave Valuables In Your Car

This might sound simple but could help you from losing your car. Remember to remove anything valuable when you are not there, even if you plan to spend just a minute in the store. Take away your purse, Laptop, luggage, or phone because these could grab the attention of a thief. 

Instead of leaving your belongings in the car, a safe place to store your things if you cannot take them with you is the truck. Or anywhere that is out of sight. 

Install A Tracking System

A tracking device is an intelligent way to monitor the location of your car. A GPS tracker is a small device plugged into your vehicle and works with your smartphone or other devices. It updates you about your car’s location. The device notifies you if someone tampered with your vehicle, such as when a vehicle hits your vehicle or is being moved so that you can quickly take considerable action.  

Being proactive about securing your car is very important. It will save you the cost of getting another one trying to get it back. Therefore, always remember to remove your key before leaving your car, install an alarm system, park your car in a secured environment, and use theft protection tools. These precautionary steps would help to protect your vehicle.