In an effort to revolutionize the traditional world of the tobacco industry, BAT UK limited, is doing what any good business would.  They took over the Cocoa Tree Gentleman’s club on 1A James St, and turning it into a gentleman’s tobacco lounge with expert tobacconist, Robert Emery, the company guarantees guests an exciting and refreshing new experience.


Like many tobacco lounges, there are private humidors that can be purchased, a wide range of world class products, and a team of experts that will assist in the education of mixology and the vast products available.  Where the Dunhill Cigar store at 1A is different, however, is in the youthful atmosphere of the location’s interior design, the cigar lounge where a client can spend the day attending to business matters with a cup of coffee—if he so chooses, and exclusive adult catered events.  These events often include cocktail hours where drinks are personalized by a mixologist and even paired with one’s tobacco of choice.

Robert Emery

Robert Emery

Besides the excitement of this concept store, BAT UK is also thrilled to have Robert Emery head the team there at Dunhill Cigar.  Mr. Emery has over 30 years of experience in the industry and his vast travels and passion for the product make him an essential asset to this location.  He has spent many years working on the retail side of the industry as Manager of the Harrods Tobacco Department and Director of Tor Imports.  He was named the UK Cigar Retailer of the Year and by supplying cigars to Clarence house, even received the Grantee of a Royal Warrant to the Late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.  Mr. Emery’s passion for tobacco, does not just stop at his knowledge and travels to find the best product, it even extends to educating others who are interested in the products.  He holds regular classes at Dunhill Cigar and is Vice Chairman of Association of Independent Tobacco Specialists.



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1a St James’s Street – Dunhill Tobacconists

1a St James’s street

London SW1A 1EF

United Kingdom


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