El Vaquero Boots, the Birth of an Immortal Brand

Valerio Giuntoli, a brilliant designer and fashion consultant began El Vaquero, a company of custom-made Italian boots and women’s footwear made with artisanal flair from revered Tuscany traditions of shoemaking.

El Vaquero Italian Boots
The designs have drawn many celebrity fans including Adriana Lima, Madonna, Heidi Klum, and Beyoncé. Each pair is conceived from the foundational last and is then precisely crafted from materials that undergo a meticulous tanning process that introduces a vintage appearance to the leather and renders shading variations during the custom dip dye coloring. The natural treatments utilized in the process is a testament to the brand’s abiding respect for people and nature. The resulting fine Italian leathers and other high-quality materials such as calf suede, python prints, and shearling provide the shoes incomparable durability and comfort.

El Vaquero Italian Boots

Along with Valerio’s son & CEO of the company, Nicholas Giuntoli, both goals are to create the perfect shoe brand for independent women who celebrate style with a transgressive and unconventional attitude.    

El Vaquero Italian Boots

All styles can be found at https://www.elvaquero.it/en/el-vaquero-world/


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