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How to elevate your coffee game


Coffee, we love the rich taste and aroma of fresh coffee – we just can’t get enough of the stuff, and we know just how to raise your caffeine game with these essentials…

French Press Cafetière Copper Stainless Steel Glass – 8 Cup/1 Litre Coffee Maker by VonShef

Not only does this cafetière look SO beautiful on your work surface thanks to the copper finish, it also serves up plenty of aromatic coffee, 8 cups to be precise. Perfect for lazy Sunday mornings with the family. www.vonshef.com

Vera Wang Pointilliste teacup

Vera Wang Pointilliste Cup & Saucer by Wedgwood

The Vera Wang Pointilliste tableware collection captures the spirit of the individualist with a gorgeous two-dimensional design with a three-dimensional feel in a smoky blue grey shade. This will elevate your coffee look for sure. www.wedgwood.co.uk


Organic Ground Coffee by Highgrove

This organic blend of seasonally selected coffees from around the world comes together to create this delicious medium roast blend. This coffee blend delivers delicate chocolate and dried fruit notes, which makes for a beautifully balanced cup of coffee at any time of day. Happy sipping! www.highgrovegardens.com


High Voltage Ground Coffee by Taylor’s of Harrogate

This is at roast level 7 which means it’s charged with caffeine – the perfect way to start your day. This hard-hitting coffee is their strongest ever, fully charged with the power of Indonesian robusta ultra-high caff and they roast it ultra-dark to match, with flavors of tobacco, cedarwood, and clove. Ground perfectly, ready to add into your VonShef cafetière. www.taylorsofharrogate.co.uk

Rococo shots

Espresso Shots Cube by Rococo

These little solid chocolate drops are shaped like coffee beans and flavored with rich roasted coffee. A best-seller for the British brand, nibble on these with a coffee, or you could always pop on top of an espresso martini. www.rococochocolates.com

Hotel Chocolat coffee

Ground Coffee by Hotel Chocolat

Like most things, coffee tastes better with a little chocolate – it’s an established truth among master coffee blenders. Hotel Chocolat has taken the two beans’ natural alchemic relationship one step further, creating this coffee specifically to pair with your chocolate. Yum! www.hotelchocolat.com

bettys coffee

Jamaica Blue Mountain by Betty’s

Taste wise this coffee packs a real punch as it is rich flavor and aroma, but it is also full bodied and has hints of fruitiness all in perfect balance. www.bettys.co.uk

VonShef coffee grinder

2-in-1 Coffee Grinder by VonShef

Now you’ve got the beans, you need to grind them. Courtesy of the experts at VonShef, they’ve made this super easy and fuss-free with their 2-in-1 coffee grinder. Its 80g capacity will grind enough coffee for about 10 cups. www.vonshef.com

Fair Cafe

FAIR Cafe by FAIR Drinks

For a hit of the hard stuff, why don’t you add a splash of coffee liqueur? The great taste comes from slow roasting the very best organically grown, Fair Trade Certified Arabica coffee beans to extract the fine, authentic properties of the coffee. The freshly ground beans are then infused directly into the liqueur base to create a rich-flavored coffee based spirit. Also, use this in an espresso martini for an evening drink. www.fair-drinks.com


White Brumi Hot and Cold Brew Bottle by Whittard Chelsea

This travel cup allows you to enjoy a hit of hot coffee or a refreshing cold brew at home or on the move. The stainless steel double filter gives you a more balanced flavor while the double-walled glass keeps your coffee at tip-top temperature without burning your hands. www.whittard.co.uk



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