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Essay: The Peculiarities And Main Features

Students have to follow a great number of diverse requirements in order to prove they are the best, get good grades and show the professors they have gained the knowledge required for becoming seasoned professionals. Each educational institution needs the students to compose different kinds of academic papers including essay – one of the most widespread pieces of writing. An essay is often limited in scope, however, such kind of assignment is able to show a student in the best possible light, as well as helps the professor understand whether one or another student is able to perfectly provide insight into the topic given.

Students usually think an essay is an ordinary, simple composition, however, such kind of assignment is more likely to be a form of a composition which has to contain author’s own opinion and thoughts concerning the matter in hand. Facing difficulties when composing, most of the students read here about essay writings and get a real opportunity to get insight into all the writing intricacies in order to succeed when presenting an essay.

The Right Approach To Composing An Essay

An essay requires an author to have certain writing skills which will help him or her compose a paper on the high level. However, it’s also essential to be aware of all the nuances and intricacies concerning the writing process in order to do everything the proper way. First of all, it’s necessary to get familiar with essay classifications which differ from each other. The essay may be classified by:

  1. The topics: religious; fiction; history; critical; philosophy, etc. 
  2. Literary forms: letters; diary; notes
  3. Forms: analytical; critical; reflective; narrative; expository

What makes essay different from other kinds of academic paper?

Small scope | There are no strict limitations when composing an essay, however, it’s recommended to write no less than 3 and no more than 7 pages. Often, professors require students to write around 2 pages, so you need to specify the requirements beforehand.

Specified topic | An essay has to be always written on a specified topic. It is essential to perfectly provide insight into the topic chosen and never wander away from the point. Full topic coverage matters when it comes to composing an essay.

Literary devices | It’s suggested to use a lot of diverse literary devices in order to make your paper more fascinating to read. Epigraphs, metaphors, foreshadowing, allusions – all these literary devices will help you leave a deeper impression on a reader and make your paper stand out from the crowd.

Terms which are easy for understanding | Try to always use terms which will be easy for the reader to understand. It’s also suggested you to not write too long words since they often make it hard to perceive the text as well as avoid writing too long sentences.

Own opinion | It is essential to always express your own opinion when writing an essay. You may read a lot of diverse sources which will help you figure out how to properly express it on paper, but never claim someone else’s ideas, thoughts or words as own. If you want to nail your point down with a quote, then don’t forget to cite it.

The Plan And Arguments

Composing an essay, you have to stick to the following requirements:

  • you have to express your thoughts in the form of brief theses;
  • theses have to be argued the proper way.

You may use findings of the conducted researches, your own experience, experts opinion, facts as an example when writing such kind of assignment; they will help you make a thesis statement and argue for it in the best possible way.

What should you take into account when composing an essay?

  1. You have to determine the purpose of your essay as well as don’t forget to write titles and subtitles.
  2. You may start with a fascinating, eye-catching phrase or quote in order to capture the reader’s attention.
  3. It’s essential to write the most important data and information in the body paragraphs and never add anything new when drawing the conclusion.
  4. All the paragraphs have to be put into a logical order and have neither logical nor grammatical mistakes.
  5. Your essay has to be emotional, fascinating to read and full of literary devices (however don’t put too much of them).

Always reread your paper after it’s finished. Pay great attention to editing – proofread your text in order to correct all the possible mistakes. Professors always take the mistakes seriously, so fix them all in order to be able to get the highest grade. Reread your essay for a few times in order to figure out what points you need to add and what you should delete.





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Danor Aliz
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