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Fashion Designer Adolfo Sardinia


Fashion Designer Adolfo Sardinia


Born in Cardenas, Cuba as Adolfo Sardinia, this fashion designer emigrated to New York City in 1948 working as an apprentice millinery designer at Bergdorff Goodman. In 1951, Adolfo decided to live in Paris where he worked at Balenciaga before returning to the states to rejoin Bergdoff Goodman, where he designed hats under the name Adolfo de Emme.


In 1962, Adolfo was able to open his own atelier that would focus on ladies’ apparel. His innovations include jersey visor caps, hats with removable googles and huge fur berets. All the clothes he designed had a costume feel to them, earning him the admiration and loyalty of the world’s most elegant women, including Nancy Reagan and the Duchess of Windsor. In 1969, he was presented with a special Coty Award for his contribution to design “from head to toe”.


After a long and successful career creating the finest womens’ clothing, Adolfo closed his East 57th Street couture salon to focus on his licensing business “Adolfo Enterprises” which he is still involved with today.


One of his most notorious statement was “I don’t believe in following convention. And the only rule I know for any kind of design is to follow intuition”.

Today, everyone in the industry knows that an Adolfo lady showcases a simple, classic and comfortable look, the very essence of his designs.



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