The pinnacle of perfection. San Francisco. The city of culture, a city that magnificently rose from the ashes, now entices everyone who sets foot on its soil to embrace its foggy charm. Art deco and the wonders of the modern world have inspirited this city for many years, and luxury real estate has grasped the attention of many multi-millionaires. Spontaneity is the only law that prevails in San Francisco. Now we approach a new era of architecture, which exhibits the connotations of light abundance in a densely populated city. One Steuart Lane is composing this very lifestyle, with its ultra-luxury one- to three-bedroom waterfront condominium tower. Etched seamlessly into the Embarcadero landscape, these condos are not only an investment but a work of art. Contouring an off-balance structure that claims ravishing views of the Bay Bridge and Ferry Building, poking into the soupy troposphere at the height of 220 feet vertically. Fourteen years in the making, the method of design and building has culminated into a sanctified retreat. 

One Steuart Lane Condominium in San Francisco

The cost of these divine condos costs a pretty penny, a drop in the ocean, however, to some of the world’s richest. A standard condo at Steuart Lane costs anything from $1.6 to over $10 million. “The building you see today blends seamlessly into the built environment while providing our residents unparalleled views of the water, Bay Bridge and endless vistas,” says Christopher Brandt, SVP of Asset Management at Paramount Group, Inc.  

One Steuart Lane Condominium in San Francisco

Exemplar exteriors and interiors

A designated amount of condos offer wraparound terraces, offering panoramic views of the waterfront. The exterior glass front is synonymous with architectural philosophy relating to integrating the internal and external building. Not only does glass bring a wealth of ambient light, but it also conducts a space that is auspicious to its residents’ welfare. Solid Italian travertine stone creates a robust skeleton, complete with ultra-clear, minimally reflective glass.

One Steuart Lane Condominium in San Francisco

There is an undoubtedly finesse to the condos, a linear unity, between the arousing waters and the glass exteriors. Piquing the imagination with endless possibilities, the inspiration of the city beckons with a distinctive yet subtle call. Natural elements prevail, a style that dominates modern architectural culture and has warmly accepted. Inside, a profusion of high-end designers has carved excellency with each living space, from Gaggenau and Miele, in addition to Dada cabinetry by Molteni Group. At the helm of the interiors is renowned French designer Liaigre, who has enveloped French style with indigenous Californian charm. White marble ensconced within the kitchen area captivates a recherché aesthetic that provides timeless excellence, with delicate palettes woven into each niche. An eruption of opulence is further highlighted in luxury flooring, a foundation that lends itself to textured, colored rugs. A luminous oasis amid the scurries of this magnificent city, San Francisco. Interior trends of 2020 have included interlaced sustainable materials that grant limitless possibilities for both future decoration and durability.  

bathroom, One Steuart Lane Condominium in San Francisco

Dark woods contrast radiant marble, and leather sofas establish a homely and comforting ambiance that promotes French refinement. The interiors of all the condos are drenched in sustainable woods, complementing San Francisco’s natural exteriors, such as Golden Gate Park and Bernal Heights. Custom-finished designs are also available by Liaigre if desired. 

One Steuart Lane Exterior

In the minor details, you can distinguish indulging features through its finest sourced materials and decorations. Each color is used with the ultimate precision to fabricate masterful momentos; burnt orange, striking pinks, and cobalt blues.  

Living Room, One Steuart Lane Condominium in San Francisco

Dornbracht fixtures in sleek platinum matte bring ultimate functionality, a space that works with pleasure and ease. SOM-designed Valli & Valli door handles and Dada millwork by Molteni Group are other names that you will see present around the condos. “One Steuart Lane is a masterclass in elevation—from the ambitious urban design of the building, consistent with that of some of the world’s most admired private residential homes, to the timeless stone exterior, which carefully reflects and resonates with life at the water’s edge in San Francisco,” says Craig W. Hartman. The beauty of the bay commands the greatest attention, which has been crafted assiduously by the designers to excite real estate buyers in the most prestigious way. 

One Steuart Lane Condominium in San Francisco

A service built to impress

One Steuart Lane Condominiums also offers impressive services to its residents, some of which include a staffed lobby with a 24-hour concierge, valet parking; an indoor-outdoor lounge with demonstration and catering kitchens; the lush Terrace Garden; an indoor/outdoor wellness center with a gym and outdoor spa. This condominium initiates a quality of living that demonstrates both luxury and satisfaction. In an attempt to tackle the hardships of city living, One Steuart Lane proves that impeccable composition, dedication, and time surely bestow a resplendent lifestyle here in this cosmopolitan city full of rolling hills that we call San Francisco.