One of the most rapidly growing cities in the nation, Dallas is not only establishing itself within the world of luxury real estate, it’s defining it. 

In walks custom builder, Bella Custom Homes. Building an impeccable reputation for exceptional quality it has been building homes in some of Dallas’ most prominent neighborhoods since 1993. They personally partner with each of their clients in seeing their dreams come to fruition while upholding high quality standards.

Tony Visconti, President of Bella Custom Homes

Tony Visconti, President of Bella Custom Homes is a third generation builder and takes great pride in each one of his properties. Joining forces with Stacy Brotemarkle, Vice President & Lead Interior Designer for Bella Custom Homes, they collectively bring decades of experience to the luxury architecture and design.

One of their most recent projects include a stunning gated Mediterranean Estate in one of Dallas’ most sought after zip codes,  Preston Hollow.  4926 Deloache is a 14,179 square ft exquisite, luxury home, flooded with natural light and many cutting-edge amenities. Set on 1.645 acres, it boasts seven bedrooms, eight full and five half baths, and seven living areas, with all three floors accessible from an elevator.

Tony Visconti

How did your career in luxury home design begin?
I started framing homes in high school and then went onto work for my family building homes in New York. 

What is the history of Bella Custom Homes?
I started Bella Custom Homes in 1993. I initially built homes in Willow Bend, Stonebriar, then went into Preston Hollow and University Park.  Following that, I ventured into Flower Mound and built-in Chateau De Lac and Point Noble.  These days, we build anywhere in the metroplex.  You can see some recent projects in Preston Hollow, Frisco, and McKinney. 

4962 Deloache, Dallas, Bella Custom Homes

How do you think the luxury home market has evolved over the last decade and what predictions can you make about the future?
Building sciences have evolved greatly in the last decade. There are new products almost daily, and we have to stay up date on these new emerging technologies and products. 

4962 Deloache, Dallas, Bella Custom HomesWhere are your properties located and how do you determine locations for upcoming projects?
As we all know, the number one rule in real estate is Location, Location, Location. When selecting a new build site, I always take into account things like the location and neighborhood amenities. We like building on topography a lot too. We like the challenge of creating something that isn’t really there yet.  It’s a great opportunity to turn your backyard into several different and unique destinations. Your home can really have that resort feel.   

What’s the biggest challenge that you’re facing in matching client expectations?
Every client is different and every clients has different wants and wishes. We always strive to exceed our client’s expectations. When they move in, we want them to feel like there is no other destination that they would rather call home. 

4962 Deloache, Dallas, Bella Custom Homes

Current projects?
We have one completed home in Frisco, and another available home in Preston Hollow. We are also at plan stage with a few others that will be in McKinney, Frisco, and Preston Hollow. 

4962 Deloache, Dallas, Bella Custom Homes

Looking towards the future, where do you see Bella Custom Homes in the next decade?
Bella Custom Homes will continue to be known for our quality of workmanship, timeless architecture, numerous happy clients, and we will continue to flourish. We always want to be at the forefront of the homebuilding industry.

Dream project?
Every home is a dream project to us. Each homes is someone’s dream and we thoroughly enjoy bringing that to each and every family. We love that we have built homes for several repeat clients. It says a lot about our reputation. 

Stacy Brotemarkle, VP and Interior Designer for Bella Custom Homes

Stacy Brotemarkle

What’s your role with Bella Custom Homes? 
I am both the Vice President and Interior Designer for Bella Custom Homes. I wear several different hats, helping with everything from plan designs, to project management, to making the decorative selections once the projects are up and running. I truly enjoy seeing the projects evolve from start to finish. I am the third generation in my family to be a part of the building industry.  So, it was in my blood and it truly is my passion. 

4962 Deloache, Dallas, Bella Custom Homes

Where do you draw your inspiration from? 
I have been around this industry my entire life.  I love enveloping myself in the homebuilding and interior design world. I am constantly looking at photos on Houzz, Pinterest, and magazines. I won’t lie, I love to watch HGTV too. I also stay up to date with continuing education classes and always visit showrooms to see what is new. I love staying up on the latest trends, while still incorporating timeless classic design elements in my projects too.  I also love traveling and taking photos. You never know when you may draw inspiration from a photo that you took previously. Fashion is a great inspiration too.  A lot of interior design trends follow fashion. 

Have there been any unexpected shifts in luxury design in homebuilding that have taken you by surprise?
Surprise is what keeps things interesting! That’s another thing that I love about this industry; things are always changing and two days are never alike. I will say the “tiny house” trend did take me by surprise. I’m not sure that I could do that. I have too many sentimental things that I like to have around me, and I love entertaining too. 

4962 Deloache, Dallas, Bella Custom Homes

What would your dream home look like?
I have spent my whole life around the water, so my dream home would have to be on the water. It brings me such peace and serenity. My dream home would have a “collected” feeling. I love unusual pieces that you don’t see everywhere, especially those that you pick up from travels, or have sentimental value. The color pallet would be soft neutral colors with lots of textures. It would be filled with the things that I love, and have space for entertaining family and friends. 

What role do you think technology plays in providing the next level in luxury home design? 
I think technology is very important and is going to be incorporated into every home in some form or fashion. Homeowners are looking for security and peace of mind.  They love being able to look on their phones and see what the kids are doing or who is at their front door. They also love the endless possibilities with music and television. This industry changes almost daily, there is always something new and exciting on the horizon.   

4962 Deloache, Dallas, Bella Custom Homes

Do you think luxury and eco or energy efficiency can coincide?
Yes, I do. This too is always evolving. There are new products emerging constantly, and it’s exciting to incorporate them into new designs. We have to think about future generations and try to use the sustainable resources that we have. 

How would you describe your design style?
I would say that personally I’m more “eclectic.” I don’t box myself into one design style. I tend to incorporate several different design styles into my personal home. Again, I love using things from travels, or things collected over the years. I want my home to evoke a sense of family, love, and travels. In my professional career, I enjoy working in different styles too. I have done everything from French and English, to Mediterranean and Italian Renaissance, and even more transitional designs. 

4962 Deloache, Dallas, Bella Custom Homes

Architect or design mentors?
I love the classic architects like Phillip Johnson and Frank Lloyd Wright. Their designs are so timeless and still relevant today. One of my favorite buildings in New York City is Johnson’s AT&T Building that was built in the 80s. It’s postmodern design with the Chippendale pediment at the top is so classic.

As far as Interior Designers, I truly enjoy looking at other designers’ work. I think you can draw some sort of inspiration from so many of them.