“I can’t imagine becoming bored with red – it would be like becoming bored with the person you love.” – Diana Vreeland.

Throughout history, the color red has been associated with all things fiery. It’s broadly recognized as the color of power, passion, dominance, and of course, love. Those who wear the color confidently are known to be able to draw attention to themselves without uttering a single word, and studies have shown that humans are more sexually attracted to those who wear the primary crimson hue. But the color isn’t just popular within the textile community. Jewelers and jewelry designers have used a variety of red gemstones for centuries.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021, here are seven spectacularly designed, red-gemmed adornments created using by some of the world’s most recognizable high jewelry brands.

Red Carpet Collection Ruby ecklace by Chopard

Red Carpet Collection Necklace by Chopard

Originally founded over 160 years ago in Sonvilier, Switzerland, by its namesake, Louis-Ulysse Chopard, the now Geneva-based Chopard is not unfamiliar with finely crafted jewels that showcase fine quality gemstones. The brand has worked with the Cannes Film Festival since before the year 2000, and in 2007 it released its “Red Carpet Collection” of High Jewelry.

This magnificent 18k fair mined gold Red Carpet Collection necklace by Chopard features over 53 carats of beautifully-matched, pear-shaped red rubies which flow downward – chevron-style – into the necklace’s epic centerpiece: a 13.74-carat natural pear-shaped diamond.

Platinum High Ruby Jewelry Earrings by Bulgari

Platinum High Jewelry Earrings by Bulgari

Bulgari ventured into mastering the art of high jewelry back in the 1950s when the Roman jeweler began creating exquisitely designed diamond and gemstone pieces. The feel of Italy’s “Eternal City” was implemented into each piece of High Jewelry Bulgari crafted, a design aspect still alive and well in today’s Bulgari’s creations.

These breathtaking chandelier-style platinum earrings by Bulgari feature 18 beautifully matched prong-set oval rubies totaling 17.86 carats, as well as a combination of baguette, half-moon, and oval cut diamonds with a combined weight of 3.79 carats.

Scarlett Empress Ruby Cuff Bracelet by Lydia Courteille

Scarlett Empress Cuff Bracelet by Lydia Courteille

Inspired by Catherine the Great of Russia, the “Scarlet Empress” collection by a Parisian gemologist and jewelry designer, Lydia Courteille, embodies what it means to both sensual and sinful. By not only using a variety of red gemstones but also red enamel to decorate the 18K gold in the collection, the designer has created a collection that is as powerful in appearance as it is passion-packed in vibe.

The cuff bracelet shown here is crafted in 18K gold and overlaid with red enamel. The wings of the two birds are set with over 700 round brilliant cut rubies totaling 7.71 carats. The eyes are set with cabochon-cut black spinels, all of which serve as an accent to the center stone, a whopping 90-carat rubellite tourmaline weighing roughly 18 grams.

Idaya Ruby Ring by Sanjay Kasliwal

Idaya Ruby Ring by Sanjay Kasliwal

A seventh-generation owner and jeweler trained in the world-renowned Gem Palace in Jaipur, India, Sanjay Kasliwal grew up around (and spent countless hours in) the workshops of the Gem Palace, observing skilled craftsmen and jewelry artisans and learning their techniques before eventually opening a boutique in 2014 on Madison Avenue in New York.

The “Idaya” ring is set with a dazzling 41.77 carat ruby at its center, which is held in place by six diamond-tipped prongs. The undercarriage and wideband are also set with white, brilliant-cut diamonds, totaling 4.56 carats.

Ruby and Diamond High Jewelry Cuff by Graff

Ruby and Diamond High Jewelry Cuff by Graff

Graff is known for its exceptional jewelry designs, often crafted using rare, high-quality gemstones and diamonds. The brand has numerous records under its belt and has given the world some of the most recognizable natural diamonds ever to be unearthed, cut, and polished.

Graff’s 18K white gold Ruby and Diamond High Jewelry cuff is a delightful representation of Graff’s commitment to using only top tier gems in its designs. The rubies that accentuate this cuff bracelet are meticulously matched for color even though their shapes differ from marquise to pear to round, and finally, to a cushion shape at the cuff’s center. The total carat weight of the rubies is an astounding 75.56 carats, and as if that isn’t impressive enough, the cuff’s diamond weight totals 84.89 carats.

Blooming Ruby Flora Brooch by Piaget

Blooming Flora Brooch by Piaget

For years, Piaget has been a staple on Hollywood red carpets, standing out both in watch and jewelry forms and bringing notable brand ambassadors along for the ride. Leave it to this brand to create a fabulous interchangeable high jewelry suite with a bold, beautiful brooch as its centerpiece.

The 18K white gold “Blooming Flora” suite by Piaget consists of three separate parts, but it’s the brooch – in the middle of the suite (and pictured here) – that acts as its anchor. A 10.62 carat vibrant Tanzanian red spinel pops from the brooch’s center, giving it the look of a flower. The spinel is surrounded by patterned white gold “leaves,” pear-shaped pink sapphires, and round and marquise white diamonds.

SURNATUREL Transformable Necklace by Cartier

[SUR]NATUREL Transformable Necklace by Cartier

Jewelry by Cartier has always been seen as a romantic gift to give someone on Valentine’s Day. Still, this particular Cartier high jewelry necklace will take anyone’s romance to the next level. The “[SUR]NATUREL” collection by Cartier draws its inspiration from nature, so it only fits the pieces in the collection pull their elements from the earth in a variety of ways.

This extraordinary transformable High Jewelry necklace is crafted in platinum. At its center are two pear-shaped cabochon-cut rubellites totaling 32.51-carats and one 13.37-carat oval-shaped cabochon-cut rubellite. The lower pear-shaped rubellite can be removed and worn at the clasp. The necklace is accentuated with rubellite beads, turquoise, additional cabochon-cut rubellites, and round brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 14.70-carats.