Are you planning on going glamping this summer? You’ll adore this marriage of deep-woods ruggedness and modern luxury.

However, any trip into the wild requires the right gear. Some supplies on this list may save your life if you get lost, while others make your stay more cozy and enjoyable. Here are 10 things to add to your suitcase before departing on your next glamping trip.

heated blanket item for glamping trip

1. A Heated Blanket and Sherpa Socks

Many glamping locations come with wood stoves or other heat-making supplies in your tent or cabin. However, morning chilliness can sneak up through your tent platform and freeze your toes. A cuddly pair of sherpa or slipper socks — like those made with fleece or chenille — keep your tootsies comfy when you hop out of bed in the morning.

Maybe you and your partner disagree on the optimal cabin climate. Temperatures in some regions plummet, even in the summer months. A heated blanket can keep you snug even when your SO kicks off the other covers.

backpack item for glamping trip

2. A Backpack

You need a way to lug your picnic lunch and camera gear into the wild. Look for a backpack with adjustable straps — visit a quality outfitter to have it adjusted for maximum comfort. If you carry many electronics, look for models with ample compartments, and learn how to “brick” components like lens attachments to protect them from damage.


3. Some Fresh Foods for Grilling

One of the glamping’s convenient perks often includes a full or partial kitchen instead of a campfire for prepping food. If you spend the day fishing, you can grill up your catch like a gourmet farm-to-table restaurateur. Stop by roadside produce stand for some fresh organic veggies to go with your trout. You’ll spend far less than dining out every evening and get optimal nutrition to fuel you on long hikes. Don’t forget beverages, too — you’ll want plenty of water, plus some tea for a refreshing warm break at the end of the day.

wrist band compass for glamping trip

4. A Military-Style Paracord Wrist Band

You should always carry a compass, fire-making tools, and a knife when heading into the forest, but all these items bulk up your backpack. Why not wear them on your wrist? You can find military-style paracord bracelets that contain multi-tool kits with nearly all your survival needs.

sunscreen item to take for glamping trip

5. Bug Spray and Sunscreen

Few things ruin a day in the countryside like returning to camp covered in welts and peeling skin. Ensure that you bring ample supplies of both bug spray and sunscreen. When buying spray, look for DEET as the primary ingredient. Most experts recommend an SPF of at least 30 for sun protection, but if you have fair skin, consider going higher. Apply it often, especially after heavy sweating or swimming.

backup chargers for glamping

6. Backup Chargers

Although not all glamping resorts offer Wi-Fi access, many have electricity. However, you don’t want to find yourself far from anywhere familiar with no charge on your phone. You should invest in a solar backup charger to keep in your backpack before you depart. Some models enable you to fire up multiple devices at once, but any variety will provide an added security layer. If you get lost on a hike, you can call for help.

fire starters for glamping trip

7. Multiple Fire-Starting Implements

Although glamping resorts often feature climate-controlled tents, yurts, and cabins, you still want to toast marshmallows around the campfire. Plus, if you head off for a night under the stars, you’ll need a way to stay warm and keep predators away. Pack along with matches in a waterproof container and a pair of flameless lighters so that you always have a way to light a blaze without twirling sticks.

hiking shoes for glamping

8. Sturdy Hiking Shoes

Rocks and roots can twist ankles, and you don’t want to spend half of your vacation on the disabled list. A pair of sturdy hiking boots can protect you from injury and the fangs of startled snakes. Make sure you break yours in before you hit the trail. Blisters may not pose a life-threatening crisis if you bring peroxide, but they can put a damper on your hiking fun.

socks for glamping trip

9. Ample Socks and Underwear

What is a trench foot? If it sounds nasty, it is. This condition occurs when you leave your dogs in damp footwear, and it can cause severe blisters and slough off patches of skin.

Fortunately, you can prevent trench foot by changing your socks regularly, so take along ample pairs — at least two per day. That way, you have a change when you splash through puddles. While it doesn’t matter if your outerwear grows a bit stinky, you don’t want bacteria lingering near your skin. Bring plenty of changes of underwear, too.

masks and sanitizers for glamping trip

10. A Mask and Sanitizer

Depending on your destination, state governments may require masks while out in public. Fortunately, you can pick up packs of disposable face coverings at nearly any convenience store.

You’ll also want to take extra care to maintain hygiene measures. Your glamping spot should offer running water for handwashing, but what do you do before a picnic lunch in the wild? Bring an alcohol-based hand sanitizer for ridding your digits of germs on the fly.

Check This Packing List Twice Before Your Next Glamping Trip

If you want to enjoy the ultimate glamping adventure, you need the right gear. The 10 items above will ensure a safe and comfortable experience.