How to Find the Perfect Venue to Host a Gender Reveal Party

Your best friend or relative has a baby on the way and you’ve decided to host an affair to celebrate. Very similar to baby showers with a twist, a gender reveal party is a great idea (as long as the couple is on board for sharing the gender)! The only problem is, you don’t have enough space to host it at your place. Finding a venue is the next best solution, but knowing which one is the better choice will come down to a few factors.


Based on the guest list you have, where will everyone be traveling from? You don’t want to have anyone going too far out of their way, so try to choose a venue that’s central to where everyone lives.


You want to get the best bang for your buck so as you’re narrowing down your choices of venues remember to keep services in mind. What services are included in the price? Do they have onsite catering and wait staff? Will they help with the setup and clean up the process?

Seating Capacity and Layout

Hopefully, you have a ballpark idea of how many people will be invited to the gender reveal. You’ll need to choose a venue that has enough space to seat everyone comfortably. When thinking of seating capacity, also consider the space and whether there is enough room for guests, food, gifts, and any other gender reveals ideas you may have up your sleeve. Taking a moment to plan out your gender reveal is crucial to having a wonderful party. With so many games and ideas when planning your gender reveal its best to organize properly.

Food Choices

Food is a big part of this celebration, so whichever venue you choose, you’ll want to make sure they have food that the guests of honor, their friends and relatives will enjoy. Check out the menu offered by the venue and be sure to remember things like allergies, dietary restrictions, and religious restrictions.

Decorations (Allowances and Restrictions)

Once you’ve found a few venues you’re interested in, be sure to ask about any restrictions when it comes to decorating. If you plan on using a gender reveal powder bomb or gender reveal powder cannon, for example, you’ll want to make sure the venue you’ve chosen has an area for you to use them. Also, find out if it’s alright for you to hang things like a streamer, banners, balloons, and whatever else you’d like to use to decorate the premises for the party. Using Gender Reveal Powder bombs or cannons can create moments that last for a lifetime. If you want to capture the perfect reveal big surprises like powder cannons or confetti poppers are perfect for gender reveals.

Backup Solutions

If you’ve chosen a facility with an outdoor area you’d like to use for the event you need to keep the weather in mind. Should it rain or get too chilly, you don’t want your guests stuck outside – nor do you want to have to cancel. Therefore, you should have a backup plan. Many venues have other rooms which can be used or tents you can rent to ensure everyone stays safe.

There are hundreds of venues out there. From restaurants and hotels to botanical gardens and country clubs, the only way to narrow them down is to have a list of criterion. Making sure that it’s in a convenient location, can accommodate your guests, has food choices you can live with, and allows you to decorate the way you’d like are just a few factors that can help you in finding the perfect destination for the gender reveal party of a lifetime.


Danor Aliz
Danor Aliz
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How to Find the Perfect Venue to Host a Gender Reveal Party