It’s the most talked about wedding since William and Katherine’s nuptials and the real-life fairytale seems almost too good to be true – boy meets girl, falls in love and asks her to marry him. Only deviation is, the boy is Prince Henry of Wales and the girl will be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales once they’ve said ‘I do’.

Further to the ‘what will she wear’ is the speculation of where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be spending their honeymoon. Since they will not be jetting off on honeymoon straight after their big day because of their jam-packed schedules, we thought it apt to assume that they will be making their way to an African country. With Harry’s inherent love of the African continent and his involvement in conservation, we take a look at where they might be heading.

Harry and Megan visited Botswana

Harry and Megan visited Botswana in 2017 and stayed at the Natural Selection camp Mena o Kwena. Perched on a rocky clifftop above the Boteti River in Botswana, it certainly is a ‘room with a view’.

Harry and Megan visited Botswana

Which brings us to the supposition that they will be arriving in style in Namibia and spending a well-deserved break at the newly built Hoanib Valley Camp in Kakoaland, Namibia.

Harry and Megan visited Botswana

Situated deep in north-western Namibia, this stunning camp will be ready to allow the royal couple some much-needed relaxation. Set in a really remote part of the landscape, the huge expanses of desert, towering mountains and dunes will ensure the couple’s privacy.

Harry and Megan visited Botswana

With only six guest tents blending seamlessly into the environment, the inspiration for the colors, textures and patterns were sought from the Hoanib region. The rich ochre of the dunes, the geometric patterns of the Himba people and the giraffe that roam here were all motivating factors for the extraordinary look of Hoanib Valley Camp.

Harry and Megan visited Botswana

Boredom is not an option as there is so much to do – the wildlife here is unique to the area and seeing desert-adapted elephants, desert-adapted giraffe and lion sightings should have them riveted. When they tire of being out in nature, sipping on a G&T while watching the sun set is also an option. Hopefully we’ll be seeing some honeymoon snaps!






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