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What Gadgets are Available for Cyclists?

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What Gadgets are Available for Cyclists?


What Gadgets are Available for Cyclists?

When it comes to cycling, you probably spent a lot of hours researching your ideal bike and depending on your needs, you may have chosen a slick road bike or a folding Brompton. But have you put much thought into cycling gadgets?

Here are the must-have gadgets that every cyclist should know about.

Bike hidden GPS

Bike GPS | Although there are loads of apps you can use to log your rides, nothing compares to a bike GPS. While these can be quite expensive and set you back a couple of hundred pounds, they are worth the investment.

A good bike satnav will provide route information, show elevation, calculate ride difficulty, and some models can be linked to heart rate monitors, too.

Bike Smart Pedal with GPSSmart Pedals | Unlike regular pedals, a smart pedal has GPS technology built in. You may be wondering why your pedals need GPS, but there is one big reason: security. Connected to an app, these pedals measure speed, distance and incline, but can also be used to track your bike if stolen.

Many cyclists worry about bike theft, so adding an extra security measure to protect your investment makes it a valuable gadget.Bike skunklockSmart Locks | Gone are the days of simple key or combination locks, when you would worry about how well your bike was protected. Now, tech has been incorporated into bike locks to make them safer and more efficient.

Choose from a range of smart locks, from the aptly named ‘Skunklock’ which emits foul-smelling gas when tampered with, or the ‘Insect’ that produces an alarm reaching 100 dB.

Bike Wheel LightsHigh Tech Lights | In addition to safety, as a cyclist, you’ll know that one of your main concerns is visibility. To ensure you’re noticeable, you may wear fluorescent clothing or have a front and rear light, but there are more lighting options available.

Wheel lights have recently entered the market, with many brands creating brightly coloured combinations to make cyclists more visible. These include the ‘Monkey Light’ which displays patterns, or ‘Nori Lights’ which are luminous green.Bike Signalling LightBetter Signalling | Signalling is one area that has had little tech development. That is until now. While most cyclists signal using their arms, this is not always an effective or easy-to-spot method. Instead, there are now a host of smart backpacks available. With built in LED lights, these backpacks signal left or right, showing drivers your direction of travel. Gadgets are revolutionising cycling, helping to keep riders (and their bikes) safer. And with so many pieces of kit that can improve every ride, it would be a shame to miss out.

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