Anyone who wants to be someone has to have an on-trend, enviably luminous complexion which radiates high-end caviar.

Finnish and Siberian, as well as Beluga “Huso Huso” sturgeon caviar, can be your skin’s best friends.

Marilyn Monroe said she binged on caviar.  Audrey Hepburn had it for breakfast. But neither of the famed beauties smeared their faces with it. Unlike Angelina Jolie, who is a firm believer in the firming, lifting, wrinkle-reducing. Re-mineralizing and rejuvenating properties of scientifically-mashed up, non-fertilized sturgeon eggs.

White Caviar creme Extraordinaire
White Caviar creme Extraordinaire

Caviar is not just for eating. High in Omega-3 and -6 oils, caviar has become the ingredient du jour in luxury skincare. Spas are now offering white caviar treatments using products by Swiss firms, “Caviar of Switzerland” and “La Prairie.”  In the US, “Bella Donna Cosmetics” offers black caviar skincare products.

caviarili caviar

Caviarlierli” is a non-injectable caviar-based Swiss cell therapy supplement treatment providing biologically-active micro-nutrients, combating aging, and delaying the onset of chronic degenerative disease. And therefore the confidence to go out.

Serums, lotions, under-eye, and face creams are now infused with “rare caviar extract” using sustainably-farmed Siberian sturgeon, which, according to the experts,  are meant to work on the skin’s “extracellular matrix.”  Thirty years of research has proved caviar extract has volumizing benefits and which restore elasticity to the skin. It also enhances the production of both collagen and ceramides, the naturally occurring lipids that help skin retain moisture. Caviar enhances the production of both collagen and ceramides, the naturally occurring lipids that help skin retain moisture. Its antioxidants protect against environmental “stressors.”

Which is probably why you rarely see a sturgeon with zits. Or sunspots. And perhaps why the – million-year-old fish outlived the dinosaurs.

The latest premium caviar comes from Finland. Not the Caspian Sea.  Or Iraq.

In Varkaus, in the Finnish lakes district, they farm Siberian Acipenser Baerii sturgeon to produce “Carelian Caviar.”  The farm has the capacity to produce up to six tonnes of caviar a year. It is marketed as the greenest’ black gold’ money can buy

The pioneering farm uses a special indoor farming technique, the Recirculated Aqua System, that allows quality control from spawn to roe, producing luxurious caviar with perfectly balanced texture, aroma, and flavor. With optimal sensories.

Nordic Chef Caviar, packed in 250 and 500-gram metal vacuum tins, is made malossol caviar, totally free from hormones, antibiotics, and artificial colors.

Sturgeon wallet
Sturgeon wallet

As well as the fish is a source of caviar and sturgeon meat,  sturgeon leather had unique potential as a material for high-quality products. Award-winning designer Sabina Bragger working with Oona Caviar and one of the oldest leather tanneries in Switzerland offers a range of sturgeon leather products that includes bracelets, belts, keyrings, visiting card cases and wallets.

“Sturgeon leather is an extraordinary material. It’s robust, develops a patina. And of course, it’s naturally waterproof!

Sturgeon leather
Sturgeon leather

“The characteristic features of the finished sturgeon leather are a grain reminiscent of tree bark and a surface which feels very similar to cork.”.

It is still much cheaper to eat caviar rather than use it for cosmetic purposes.  Caviar skincare products range from $300-900. A 100% sturgeon purse $400